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Time for a Semi-Break

Normally this would the day that I’d announce my intention to participate in Sci-Fi Month 2020 (I did post about it yesterday). And while I had every intention of being super active that does not seem to be quite in the cards.

Mid October I already announced on Twitter that I was going to go on a semi-break during November and possibly December. There is just so much going on. Therapy with 2 different people, starting my Etsy shop, feeling the constant pressure of the ARCS. About having to be active on here, reply to comments and blog hop. Especially those last two have been a real struggle for me this year when in fact those are two things I find important about blogging. The contact with other bloggers and readers.

So I feel like it is time to take a few steps back. I try to overachieve here with my schedule and everything. This semi-break doesn’t mean it will go silent here. Basic things like dancing out of, best of the bunch and all that will still appear. Maybe a few top ten Tuesday posts but certainly not all of them. And other than that, who knows. I might even be sudden inspired for sci-fi month. We’ ll see.

Happy Halloween Lovelies.

7 thoughts on “Time for a Semi-Break

  1. Super dikke knuffel voor jou. Dit is echt geen fijn jaar hé. Dan kan je beter kiezen voor de dingen die je momenteel wel rust of energie brengen. Ik ga later deze maand ook weer even een blogpauze inlassen. Soms is het gewoon allemaal een beetje te veel samen en dan gaat het makkelijker wanneer je er tijdelijk iets van tussen haalt.

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