What is the Thing About Vampires and Me? | #Blogtober

Vampires are such a known supernatural creature in fiction and in media in general. There is something that is oddly appealing about a guy seducing you for your blood. Everything that is not like us, wondering about their humanity. Plenty of us like the darker things in life. Myself included.

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Vampires and Youthful Me

Back when I was younger, a good 14 years old, and i first discovered things like fandoms and Deviantart, I also created my own characters. One of them was this vampire called Gabriel. He was sired by his half-brother, and over the (many, many) years gained quite the family surrounding him (as you can see at the link). He is scared of water and staircases. I know, how did I make that shit up?

I have always had a draw to the vampires. The idea of their long lives and connections they could possibly make. It always feels a little wishful. Or when I was at that age. Yet I never did seek out a lot of medium with it, because when I did I found myself disappointed.

The Multi-Layers of Vampires

Of course I grew older and got a better idea of what was actually possible for vampires and what not. And how the human mind works. The questions on being able to hold on to humanity or if they even kept a soul.

Despite my interest in vampires I have always struggled to find books that I liked for the vampire side of things. I wondered about that for a while. And I think it is because over time I have developed a certain idea about the kind of vampires I like to see.

What I have noticed is that I dislike the romantic notions of vampires. This idea that vampires can live among humans and fall in love and rarely show their feral nature. That they sparkle or do yoga. My 14 year old idea of Gabriel the vampire was never truly realistic of how a vampire would behave. As an adult I realize that. It is not something I look for anymore.

Vampires are undeath. They are predators. Even if they keep their soul, how can you keep your humanity when you have to feed on other people? And how do you deal with some of the powers one gets along with that?

Instead I prefer the multi-layered kind of vampires. This doesn’t necessarily mean that some can’t be ‘good’. It just means that different facets of the vampires show. There is a multitude to characters as there is to vampires. But you can’t take away the true nature of a vampire.

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Some Vampire Depictions I Didn’t Quite Care For

A Discovery of Witches | Magic Rises | The Beautiful | Interview with a Vampire | Twilight | The Vampire Diaries | Vampire Academy

Books with Vampires I Really Liked

Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs
What I enjoy is that there are so many political going-ons amidst the coven. I especially like Stefan who is very clearly a vampire by taking his drones and taking their blood. He kills. He is loyal as a soldier to Marsillia, and also values his friendship to Mercy.

The Others by Anne Bishop
In this world they aren’t quite called vampires though they retain all of the same abilities. The Sanguinati are fearsome creatures. They will protect those they like but will prey on all others.

Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost 
While perhaps not my favorite kind of books the depiction of vampires are very real in here.

Dracula by Bram Stoker 
The original start to the fascination with vampires.

The Southern’s Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires  by Grady Hendrix
This vampire was depicted as manipulative and only being driven by hunger. And that is what I like.

Those on My TBR

Certain Dark Things | Carpe Jugulum | The Coldest Girl in Coldtown | The Historian


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