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Cover Reveal | Brambles by Intisar Khanani | #Blogtober

Hello everyone, here I am again with another cover reveal for Intisar Khanani. Intisar is one of my favorite authors and she is so lovely, that I always want to help out this way.

Brambles is a prequel novellette to Thorn. It can be read before or after having read Thorn. I read an earlier version earlier this year and it is a fun read. I can’t wait to read the finished version.

There is a small excerpt so you can get a taste.

Previous cover reveals for Dauntless Path: Thorn | The Theft of Sunlight


Book: Brambles by Intisar Khanani
Series: Prequel set in the Dauntless Path world
Release Date: December 7th 2020
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Cover Artist: Jenny Zemanek

Goodreads | Intisar’s Cover Reveal | Jenny Zemanek Insta


In the kingdom of Adania, everyone knows what Princess Alyrra did to earn the court’s contempt, her mother’s disdain, and her brother’s hatred.

She betrayed her own.

Yet, the truth hides another story, one of honor and honesty, of a princess gambling her own life for another’s. It’s a tale of courage and consequences, and a choice that can never be undone.

The Cover Reveal

Look at the prettiness of this cover for a short story. It matches so well with the other Dauntless Path covers!


“I’ve got a secret,” Valka says, stepping up beside me. We stand at the edge of the roughly cobbled courtyard before the hall, mud sticking to our boots and our cloaks flapping in the chill spring breeze.

The last of this morning’s departing carriages rolls toward the gates. Edlyna nods regally through the carriage window at us.

“Wouldn’t you like to know it?” Valka presses.

I glance helplessly around, as if someone might appear to rescue me. But of course, Valka has timed her approach perfectly: Mother has already departed with her coterie of vassals, and my brother hasn’t bothered to come at all. There are a few other nobles who have yet to leave for their lands for the summer, including Maralinde. But, along with the rest, she’s busy packing. Unlike Valka, unfortunately.

“If it’s a secret, you shouldn’t tell anyone,” I say, shifting uneasily.

“You’re such a mouse, Alyrra.” Valka gives a sweet, tinkling little laugh. The sound of it makes my skin prickle. I’ve heard that laugh enough times now to know that what she has to share will hardly be innocent.


As per usual Intisar is hosting a small giveaway during this cover reveal!

You can find the link to the rafflecopter here and what you have to do.

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