Why I Have Been So Taken with Novella (Series)

Over the years my interest in novella’s has grown quite a bit. I certainly haven’t hidden this from you guys I like to think. I have reviewed various novella’s and I have been doing Short Stacks for a year now. Which I haven’t published a new one in because I have been publishing full reviews for many recent novella’s I read.

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What is a Novella Again?

A novella is a type of fiction that falls between a short story and a novel. Awards put the word count between 17.000 and 40.000 but outside of that the word count isn’t as strict as it may seem. Some novella’s might be divided in chapters. Others are not.

What Do I Like About Novella’s?

One of the things many people forget about novella’s is that it is its own unique way of telling a story. It is certainly no less than a novel in terms of complexity and characterization when it comes from authors who know how to craft a story in lesser words.

Of course one of the many positives to a novella for me are that they are quick reads. A maximum of 40.000 words generally means around 150-180 pages depending on font and placement. I find that they are great to read in between bigger novels, to take a break from committing to multiple story lines.

Novella’s often get to the core of the story and are more concise in the telling of the story and what is shared of the world building. There is no room for too much extras to be added and so the author has to make some very hard choices to remain within the novella range.

This adds the uniqueness that it is incredibly unlikely that the middle of the story starts to drag or slow down too much. While this is not necessarily true for every novel of course, there are usually more moments of slowing down in the middle. To give the reader a break. In a novella there is no room for that nor is it needed with the amount of pages.



14 thoughts on “Why I Have Been So Taken with Novella (Series)

  1. Oooh novellas might be exactly the key to getting out of a reading slump, I think. At least the one I’m in. Part of the (suspected) cause is this odd inability to focus for long so a quick read sounds like it would work perfectly. Hmm. Great post!

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  2. Yes! I’ve fallen in love with novellas this year as my attention span has flown out the window, and I’ve discovered so many I loved

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