Best of the Bunch | September 2020 | #Blogtober

This was certainly not my best reading month. In total I read 9 books in September which I think is my lowest of this year. But it just wasn’t my month at all and that I managed to still finish 9 was actually quite a feat.

As it was, some of them weren’t the reads I was expecting unfortunately. Interestingly my favorite picks of the month were a MG, YA and Adult.

Best of the Bunch is a monthly meme created by Jessica at a Coccoon of Books.

Favorites of the Month


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Best of the Bunch


A secret hunt. A secret hero.

Ottilie Colter is the first girl ever to join the secretive, boys-only Narroway Hunt – and she’s determined that she won’t be the last.

The Hunt trains children to kill ruthless monsters known as dredretches, but now it’s under threat. Dredretches have invaded Fort Fiory, and no-one is safe – especially not the girls who live there, but aren’t allowed to fight.

Ottilie must convince the Hunt to train the girls – but with the dredretches getting worse, talk of witchcraft on the rise, and a mysterious hooded figure in the Narroways itself, her time is running out …

The second adventure in a thrilling feminist trilogy about friendship, monsters and having the courage to be a rebel.


I am glad that I ended up buying this second installment instead of waiting on my library reservation, because I loved it once again. Another 5 star read to be honest. I can’t wait to read book 3 that should be translated to Dutch in October I’ve heard. Yeay.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel(1)

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