A Dance with Books Is Doing #Blogtober

When you come into the blogging community there are a lot of things and hashtags that get thrown at you. A lot of those are reoccurring. Blogtober is one of them.

What is Blogtober?

Blogtober is an event that takes place every October. The goal is to post daily content. To push yourself creatively. Pushing yourself to create daily content can get those creative juices going. There are no real rules beyond posting daily. You can post whatever you like.

There are daily prompts that get shared if you need a little bit of help. You can also go back to previous years and look at those prompts.

Blogtober 2020 on A Dance with Books

I have seen Blogtober around the blogging sphere. It just never seemed like the right time to commit. This year I decided way ahead of time. I started planning in posts in August for this month so that I didn’t have to worry too much.

So what can you expect from me for Blogtober this year? I’m going to have the normal schedule of Top Ten Tuesday and reviews on Thursday and Friday. I’m going to be filling in the other days with various discussion and list kind of things.

I might not be able to fill in all the review spots, depending on how I feel at the time with reading. But I’ll make sure to have some back-ups.

The kind of things that you will be see appear here are:

  • Talk about Novella’s
  • Birthday Hauls
  • TBR’s
  • Halloween themed posts



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