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Check Out These Creators During Latinx Heritage Month

On September 15th Latinx Heritage Month started. It is all about celebrating cultures, histories but also contributions and creators that are here now. I wanted to give some attention to this month this year. Unfortunately I ended up getting sick a few times throughout September and just couldn’t set up anything ahead of time.

At the same time I also feel that maybe it is better to boost other voices that can say so much more on latinx than I ever could. So here I am to share with you some creators that are currently putting out content regarding Latinx Heritage Month.

All the below banners are created and owned by the creators they are linked to unless stated otherwise.

Of course the first person I have to mention here is Alicia from A Kernel of Nonsense. She is one part of the Latinx Book Club and someone who very strongly advocates for Latinx books and authors. Please check out her Talk Chisme to Me feature she will be posting weekly for LHM.
The Latinx Book Bingo over on Twitter host a book bingo readathon every year for LHM. You can find all the info needed to still participate on their Twitter as linked in their banner.
New this year is the Latinx Heritage Month Book Fest which is an online event. They have a lot of panels with latinx authors on the Saturdays throughout the event.
The Quiet Pond brings back their feature of Our Friend is Here to celebrate LHM. There will be interviews and lists during this month.
Karina from 24h. YA Book Blog is also celebrating LHM by a series of weekly posts.
Sofia from Bookish Wanderess is also doing reoccuring posts on LHM for the next few weeks.
And lastly Rendz is also going to celebrate LHM bookishly!

If you know of anyone else or are doing reoccurring posts for Latinx Heritage Month please drop the link down below!

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