How I Am Making the WordPress Block Editor Work For Me

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen me complain about the change to the wordpress block editor. I’m probably not the only one you have seen complain about it. When it was first said that it was going to change, nothing changed for me and I was very happy. I figured I could go on as I was doing. However then it got thrown at me a few months later and it was just a shock to my system.

I don’t like change. I sulk about it for a long time.

However as I spend some more time with the blocks I realized that I could figure out which would fit the best for the things I wanted to do. I thought I would share what works for me. This isn’t a guide at all. Just sharing what works for me.

So of course there is the classic book that I still use on occasion, especially for the templates I have in drafts. But at some point I will move those over into the block editor, I think.. I think they could have made the classic block editor better to be honest. It is a whole step down from the previous one for those that might not be able to get used to the blocks.
The paragraph is of course one of the most used blocks and I am slowly getting used to the new menu.
You can make a header by using the header block that is similar as what was in the classic editor but has now been separated from the paragraph.
I use the html block to enter in the html for the green backgrounds I have after synopsis’ and such. There is a easy way to switch between the code and the visual for just that portion which makes editing easier.
I use the image block which has an easy way to add in text beneath as I do now.
But I was especially excited to see that there was an Imgur block. I often use Imgur to host my photos and would have to use html to properly get the photos in my blogs. No more. Now I just need the link. This was very welcome and the reason I started looking into the other blocks more.
There is also the option of a poll block. As I can’t ever get a proper poll inserted, and have to use a link to a poll. But with this it will be neatly in the blog.
Another thing I was missing in the paragraph was the quote portion but there is a separate block for that too.
I was so excited to see there is a table block! I kept doing it in word and then paste it into a blog post but it never looked like I wanted to. So I’ll have to fiddle around with this one a bit.

Have you been working with the block editor? What has been your experience?

10 thoughts on “How I Am Making the WordPress Block Editor Work For Me

  1. The reusable block is a lifesaver when doing memes. I use paragraph, heading and image obviously, but also lists and the tiled gallery for bookhauls.

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  2. The default setting when I started blogging last year was the block editor so I’ve had a lot of time to get used to it. But it is super different to the classic (which I had used in a previous blog a few years ago) so I get why everyone is so upset with it. They’ve definitely added more block options lately which is great!

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  3. This is awesome. I tried the block editor but hated it and switched back almost immediately. I think it’s like anything new, you have to work at it and learn the tricks.

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  4. I have been working with the block editor for over a year! I was surprised to see so much negativity when it was widely released. I am also usually resistant to change but I think this editor makes things a lot smoother and easier to design. I particularly like the options for displaying images. I use the tiled gallery instead of spending time building my own collages.

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  5. I have seen A LOT of people complaining about the blocks. I didn’t find them that weird/obtrusive? Of course, I know HTML and CSS, so when compared to actually CODING a website, I guess it’s easy to see the blocks as a huge time saver and just putting up with the little annoyances because, hey, it’s better than all those times years ago when I had to make websites from scratch. xD I’ve definitely been poking around the blocks, though, and I think after a period of getting used to them, there’s lots of things that can be done with them easier now!

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  6. I was subjected to the change months ago. I’m new to wordpress, and blogging in general, so I struggled. But after reading tutorials and with practice I’m pretty comfortable using it. I recently used the image blocks (like stacking them side by side or in a tile format) and that was the coolest thing I did all day.

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