Merijn Turned Four!

Oh my gosh it is that time of year again where I have to talk about my little kiddo that was born on August 26th 2016.


The Evolution of Merijn

merijn 0 1 2 34 Weeks – 1 Year – 2 Years – 3 Years

Merijn 3

Time for School

Merijn is now four years old and in the Netherlands that is the age you normally start at primary school. As those closer to me know the year of 3 was quite an eventful year for Merijn and us. While we won’t get a diagnosis for a while I do think we are going the right way. I really hope that he will have a good time at school regardless of everything. I will do everything I can to make that happen.

He went for the first morning on the 18th to get used to it so it was right at the start of the school year.Β  It’ been hard. He has a hard time with the new environment and the new teachers (he has two divided over the five days).

We’re slowly going to get him used to the afternoons at school too starting this week.


11 thoughts on “Merijn Turned Four!

  1. Zo’n leuke collages. Dan valt het pas op hoe veel hij al veranderd is. Iedere keer dat ik iets rond Merijn’s verjaardag zie bedenk ik me dat we elkaar al langer kennen dan het lijkt. πŸ™‚

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