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Time for Raybearer! | I Read a 100p Sampler | Raybearer Book Tag

Sometimes you come across books that draw your attention right away. Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko was one of those books. There is something about the two covers that are attached to the book that made me so interested in it. So when I got the chance to read a sampler through Netgalley I took it.  I decided to to combine it with a tag created by Leelynn Reads.

The First 100 Pages

raybearerRaybearer is a Nigerian inspired YA Fantasy that follows Tarisai. Tarisai has been isolated from birth until her eleventh year, from the outside world and of touch, by her mothers wishes. She’s meant to be chosen for the future emperor’s council of eleven. More than anything Tarisai wants to find a place where she belongs but her mothers command makes that hard…

As is the nature of the sampler, there were only a good 100 pages of what I could read at the time of writing this blog post. We start with a very young Tarisai and through the first few chapters we learn about Tarisai, pieces of her world and her mothers intentions. Tarisai grows older and by the end of the sampler is 15. At the end I was hooked and jolted completely when there were no more pages. There is still so much to discover about this world, about Tarisai and the relationships she is going to develop with others.

So of course I pre-ordered my own copy right away.  A full review is probably coming.

Thank you to Netgalley and Hot Key Books for the sampler in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in anyway. 

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Time For Some Questions

For the Raybearer blog tour Leelynn from Sometimes Leelynn Reads created a special book tag inspired by the book. And it seemed a great way to get some extra attention towards this book so I asked to be tagged. So thank you Leelynn.


  • Thank the person that tagged you and link to their post.
  • Link to the original creator: Leelynn @ Sometimes Leelynn Reads! Please note that she used the artwork/graphics if you end up using them.
  • Answer the prompts to the best of your ability. No wrong answers here!
  • Tag some people you think would would have fun doing this tag.
  • Copy-paste the rules and prompts.

raybearer tag 1

There is no book that has ever healed my soul. It never works that way for me. But there are books that stick for certain reasons. Because they touch you personally. Like the Duch mental health book Paaz about someone being hospitalized for their depression. I recognized so many thoughts there, even if at that point I was at a high point.


At the moment I’d say Eris and Nyx from Seven Devils. Both were born and bred to become the best at what they do. To excel. But both have chosen their own way. Chosen their own route away from that while still using the skills they have. I love that.


Hmmm this is a hard one I have to say. I’m going with Babette from Ghost Squad. She is Syd’s grandmother and a witch. She’d totally kick the girls asses for what they do. Stern. But she also understands and will help.


Give me The Invisible Library! I’d love to read and live in that library. Do research, preferably let someone else steal the book lol.


And again I’d probably be a character in The Invisible Library books. Living in a library, doing research. Getting a look at different kind of realms. So much fun.


Sorcerer to the Crown of course. I love that book. I love Zachariah and Prunella. ❤


I agree with Leelynn that Rin from The Poppy War is one of the most strategic characters I have read in recent years. She has a great eye for what is possible and can make hard decisions.


The Spellwork Syndicate books by Lola Dodge are all about baking and magic. I need some of those baked goodies with the added affects okay.


Look it will forever be dragons. Wherever whenever I will always go for dragons. Gimme dragons and I will give you love.


I would say Death as in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series and in his own Death arc within that series. There is something about a walking skeleton wondering about humanity you know.


Creative stories are always hard to find but I’m going with The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo. The use of slam poetry and diary entries were such a great way to tell this story.

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Imyril from One More
Tammy from Books, Bones and Buffy 
Heather from Random Redheaded Ramblings
Marie from Drizzle and Hurricane Books
Alicia from A Kernel of Nonsense


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