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5 Books and 1 Series I Loved But Haven’t Reviewed This Year | #TopTenTuesday 251

When you read around or over a 100 books a year, it can be hard to find the time (or even the room) to review all books. And on some occasions I feel like I just do not have enough to say about a book.  For today’s Top Ten Tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) we are talking about books we loved but haven’t reviewed.

This year there have been quite a few I haven’t reviewed. I’m trying to give myself a bit of a break. That does mean I have been mostly reviewing arcs (which in itself I find obnoxious, but it is what it is). So here are a few thoughts on these books and what I rated them.

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October Daye books 1 to 7 by Seanan McGuire
Ratings: A few 3 stars but mostly 4 stars

I wasn’t entirely sold on this right away. It took some time to get used to October and the setting, but I enjoy it now. I quite enjoy the side character and the humor that runs through it. I am taking a break at the moment.

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo
Rating: 5 stars 

I finally was able to read this and I fell in love with the main character instantly. I decided to not review because I don’t think I have anything to add to what own voices reviewers have already said about this book.

Network Effect (Murderbot Diaries 5) by Martha Wells
Rating: 5 stars 

The fifth Murderbot book was another good and fun book to read. I enjoy how they are finding their way more in the world.

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Guards! Guards! (Discworld) by Terry Pratchett
Rating: 5 stars 

A dragon book! I love it. There is something so very appealing about the watch and those apart of it. And of course it wouldn’t be Discworld if Pratchett didn’t make comments on our  own world.

When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore
Rating: 4 stars

This is just one of those books that is different, that you read and put away, and sigh wishfully.

Storm of Locusts (The Sixth World 2) by Rebecca Roanhorse
Rating: 4 stars 

The sequel to Trail of Lightning and another good installment. I enjoy the characters, the world. It is important to have different kinds of urban fantasies and this is certainly a top notch one.


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33 thoughts on “5 Books and 1 Series I Loved But Haven’t Reviewed This Year | #TopTenTuesday 251

  1. Great list! I need to get to Storm of Locusts and When the Moon Was Ours, and it’s about time I continued with the October Daye series, too. I find urban fantasy series quite difficult to review–especially when they’re so long that it’s hard to write a review without spoiling anything for readers who aren’t familiar with the series!

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  2. Fantastic List! I’m currently reading All Systems Red and I’m loving it so far. I also need to continue with the Toby Daye series… I think I’m probably about four books in!

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  3. Ooh great to see Storm of Locusts on here! I read Trail of Lightning ages ago (and also didn’t review it LOL) but was planning to re-read it again sometime soon before continuing with the series. It’s such an underrated gem!

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  4. When the moon was ours seems like such a lovely book. I only started blogging again about 2 months ago and I’m still thinking about ARC’s…. If I’m actually going to be open to it. I love reading and talking about books, but no – I don’t review them all and I don’t always WANT to review them.

    Here’s my TTT

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  5. The Poet X is sooo good! I loved it so so much, it is fantastic! And I completely agree with you… it’s impossible to review all the books we read. Also, sometimes I just don’t know what to say in the review. Great post!

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  6. Ugh, your opening is so true! I never thought I’d have this problem, because so far, this year has been the most books I’ve read in a year (sitting at 122 right now). But there’s just not enough time to write 122 reviews, and like you said, sometimes there’s not really much to say. I really need to read The Poet X! But also Network Effect! Ahhh. I’m still catching up on the novellas, but I can’t wait to read the novel. :3 I’ll never get tired of Murderbot.

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  7. I loved both The Poet X and With the Fire on High. I cannot wait to read Clap When You Land next year. I’m so happy you could finally read some Acevedo! 👍✨

    I have all but the last Murderbot book on my Kindle and I am excited to get to those next year, too. 😀

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 😊

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