Show Your Monthly Bujo Theme | July 2020

We’re already in August again and so it is time for me to show you what I did with my bujo in July~!


So for July I went of my planning of doing Alice in Wonderland. I was not having a lot of inspiration and there are a lot of plans I have for Alice in Wonderland so I decided to go a different route

My July bujo theme was:

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

So here is my cover page. A little boring but at least it looks like Belle.


I am however very proud of my mood tracker.  It took me very long to draw and line and color. But it looks good and it almost makes me want to draw bookshelf cards haha. Almost haha.

Then my daily gratitude with Cogsworth and a bit of the stained glass to the sides

Of course I could only do my drinking tracker with Chip and miss Potts.  My movement tracker is with Lumiere and Fifi.

Moving on to my TBR Page that I kept very simple. And a simple quote. I’m not so happy with this Belle in her face but Chip looks good.


And finally for my pages and genres read I created my own magical items with a feather pen and ink pot. I thought that was fitting.

Flip through



Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel(1)


9 thoughts on “Show Your Monthly Bujo Theme | July 2020

  1. Ik vind deze lay-out nog steeds prachtig. Waarschijnlijk is het ook mijn favoriet tot nu toe maar om dat zeker te weten zou ik de eerdere maanden nog eens allemaal moeten herbekijken.

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