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Authors I’ve Read the Most Books By | #TopTenTuesday 245

You know, I could have sworn I had done this topic for Top Ten Tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) before but I  can’t find it in my Top Ten Tuesday history. Curious.  Regardless I’ll be looking into seeing which authors I’ve read the most books by.  Goodreads discontinued the most read authors page so there might be a bit of error here.

Over the years I’ve read a bunch of books by authors, but especialy at the start I think I read more by what was popular than what I really wanted to read. I think that is still partially represented in this list. I clearly need to read POC authors backlists.

21 Books

Rick Riordan 
Books Read: The Lightning Thief | The Sea of Monsters | The Titan’s Curse | The Battle of the Labyrinth | The Last Olympian | The Singer of Apollo | Greek Gods | Greek Heroes | The Lost Hero | The Son of Nepture  | Mark of Athena | The House of Hades | The Blood of Olympus | The Sword of Summer | The Hammer of Thor | The Ship of the Dead | 9 From the Nine Worlds | The Hidden Oracle | The Dark Prophecy | The Burning Maze | The Tyrant’s Tomb

20 Books

Terry Pratchett 
Books Read: The Colour of Magic | Equal Rites | Mort | Guards! Guards! | Eric | Reaper Man | Soul Music | Hogfather | Thief of Time | The Last Hero | The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents  | The Wee Free Men | A Hat Full of Sky | Wintersmith | I Shall Wear Midnight | The Shepherd’s Crown  | Good Omens | The Long Earth | Discworld Mapp | The Unadulterated Cat

11 Books

Cassandra Clare
Books: City of Bones | City of Ashes | City of Glass | City of Fallen Angels | City of Lost Souls | City of Heavenly Fire | Clockwork Angel | Clockwork Prince | Clockwork Princess | Lady Midnight | Lord of Shadows

9 Books

Jonathan Stroud
Books Read: The Amulet of Samarkand | The Golem’s Eye | Ptolemy’s Gate | The Ring of Solomon | The Screaming Staircase | The Whispering Skull | The Hollow Boy | The Creeping Shadow | The Empty Grave

Neil Gaiman 
Books: The Ocean at the End of the Lane | Coraline | The Graveyard Book | American Ghosts | Fortunately, the Milk | Good Omens | Neverwhere | Stardust | Norse Mythology

Robin Hobb
Books: Assassin’s Apprentice | Royal Assassin | Assassin’s Quest | Ship of Magic | The Mad Ship | Ship of Destiny | Fools Errand | Golden Fool | Fool’s Fate

8 Books

Seanan McGuire 
Books: Every Heart a Doorway | Down Among the Sticks and Bones | Beneath the Sugar Sky |  In an Absent Dream | Come Tumbling Down | Rosemary & Rue | A Local Habitation | An Artificial Night

Victoria Schwab | V.E. Schwab
Books: A Darker Shade of Magic | A Gathering of Shadows | A Conjuring of Light | The Archived | The Unbound | This Savage Song | City of Ghosts | Tunnel of Bones

J.D. Robb | Nora Roberts 
Books: Blithe Images | Naked in Death | Glory in Death | Immortal in Death | Rapture in Death | Ceremony in Death | Vengeance in Death | Holiday in Death

7 Books

Shanna Swendson
Books: Enchanted Inc. | Once Upon Stilettos | Damsel Under Stress | Don’t Hex With Texas | Much Ado About Magic | No Quest for the Wicked | Kiss & Spell

Anne Bishop 
Books: Written in Red | Murder of Crows | Vision in Silver | Marked in Flesh | Etched in Bone | Lake Silence | Wild Country

6 Books

Ilona Andrews 
Books: Magic Bites | Magic Burns | Magic Strikes | Magic Bleeds | Magic Slays | Magic Rises

Jen Williams 
Books: A Copper Promise | The Iron Ghost | The Silver Tide | The Ninth Rain | The Bitter Twins | The Poison Song

48 thoughts on “Authors I’ve Read the Most Books By | #TopTenTuesday 245

    1. Ah I actually just unhauled those because I don’t think I’ll ever pick them up. I do still have his The Way of Kings though that I am more inclined to pick up. 🙂

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  1. Great list! Rick Riordan’s on my list as well, but I still have so many of his books to get to. Cassandra Clare and V.E. Schwab as well, and I FINALLY read my first Anne Bishop book, so hopefully she’ll be included the next time I do this topic 🙂

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