Show Your Bujo Theme

Show Your Bujo Theme | June 2020


Another end of the month, another show of my bujo. I kept things a lot simpler than some other months. But I think it is cute regardless.

So my theme for June was…


Drawing butterflies is oddly satisfying. And it is so easy to add in bright colors.

For this mood reader I went with a small three to color in the leaves per day. Well and one flower. And I liked searching out butterfly quotes.

And for my daily gratitude another simple spread. Some nice butterflies alongside it.

My movement and drinking tracker. Here I decided to go for a nice circle with some butterfly embellishments.

My pages read tracker per day with a hand and a butterfly. With genres read I decided to draw in simple butterflies in the color for genre. And the girl is looking at them.

And my 7 book TBR is in a colorful butterfly with another butterfly quote next to it.


Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel(1)

5 thoughts on “Show Your Bujo Theme | June 2020

  1. Ik weet niet of je nog wil doorlinken naar andere bloggers hun Bullet Journal lay-outs. Indien dit het geval is mag je als je dat wil mijn vorige post (die van mei en juni samen) mee opnemen. Ik vind het nog steeds super tof om al jouw prachtige lay-outs te bewonderen. Eigenlijk zou ik ze eens moeten herbekijken maar ik vermoed dat ik zonder twijfel kan zeggen dat die van juli mijn favoriet is tot nu toe. 😉

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