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Six Month Update on Some Other Reading Challenges

Last week I looked back at some of the reading challenges I have been working on for this year. In this one I am looking at some of the others I am doing and some of my reading goals.

Yes I did take up a lot on my plate with all of these but I do enjoy keeping track of it all in my own way. It is quite honestly an easy distraction, even when I am failing haha.

Year of the Asian Reading Challenge

Goal: Level 3 – 21 to 30 books
Total: 1

I did so well last year but this year has been a bit of a dud on that front 😦


Read 20 books from my own shelves
Read 40 books from my own shelves
Read 50 books from my own shelves
Finish a star map

Current Ebooks: 2
Current Physical: 16

This is also going far slower than I wished it did. I am reading my own books, but a lot of those books are books that I bought this year and so they don’t count to this challenge.

5 Star Predictions for 2020

I won’t be sharing if my prediction was right but I am sharing how far I am with the specific list.

Read: 3/5

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky | Tilly and the Lost Fairytales | The Ten Thousand Doors of January

Reading Those Series

Goal: 15

Currently: 4 Finished Series & 4 Up to date series

Read the Books from my November German Amazon Haul

I started this goal with 4 of 15 already read. So that left me with 12 still to read during 2020. So how far have I gotten right now?


Read in 2020: The Serpent’s Secret | Tunnel of Bones | When the Moon Was Ours

Move That Number Down

Start Physical TBR: 250
Physical TBR as of May: 242

Mini Goals

Ontwerp zonder titel(3)Reread Foundryside before reading Shorefall
I did read Shorefall, I did not reread Foundryside in preperation.

Reread The Bone Season
Read The Rain Wild Chronicles 0/4
Finish the Riyria Revelations 3/6

I am somewhat slacking at these mini goals as you can see. I’ve not made much progress but there is still a half year to finish them. #shehopes

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel(1)

8 thoughts on “Six Month Update on Some Other Reading Challenges

  1. I agree with your take on reading challenges being a nice distraction! Though, sometimes I find that I sign up for challenges which don’t line up with the actual books I had planned to read in a specific year. (This year is shaping up to be that way for me.) So I think I need to do a better job of planning my challenges to meet my specific book goals.

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  2. Don’t we usually do better in the second half of the year? After the false safety of having almost the entire year left to read goes away? I hope so, ha ha. I was wanting to read four classics a month, but I changed my goal to two last month. 😏

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