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the wysman

Thank you to Inspired Quill for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in anyway.

 Book: The Wysman  by Dorothy A. Winsor
Release Date: June 27th 2020
Tags: Fantasy | Family | Trust | Disability
Trigger/Content Warnings:  Mentions of Physical Abuse | Physical Abuse |Ableism | Ableistic Language
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Former street kid Jarka was born with a crooked foot and uses a crutch, but that no longer matters now that he’s an apprentice Wysman, training to advise the king. When poor kids start to go missing from the city’s streets, though, Jarka suspects that whatever’s causing the disappearances comes from the castle.
Now he needs to watch his step or risk losing the position he fought so hard to win… but when someone close to him becomes the latest victim, Jarka knows he’s running out of time.
His search takes him from diving into ancient history to standing up to those who want to beat or bleed the magic out of him. Will Jarka succeed in uncovering an evil long-hidden, or will he see friends and family vanish into the darkness? And whose side is the King on, in his determination to bind his nobles to him no matter what black arts they’ve dabbled in? If Jarka fails in his search, his own future won’t be the worst thing lost.

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Earlier this year I read The Wind Reader and enjoyed it. Recently the publisher reached out to me to ask if I wanted to read and review the sequel to it. And of course I wanted that.

The Wysman follows Jarka, one of the side characters of The Wind Reader, after the end of the previously mentioned books. Jarka is an actual wind reader and for that reason he has been taken on as an apprentice to the king’s Wysman. To learn how to be one for the prince when he becomes king. While that was the reason he was taken on many look down on him for his abilities.

I thought it was interesting to get to know the Wysman better in this book and to see more of Jarka’s inner workings. It is also good to get Jarka as an mc as he is disabled. He uses a crutch to move around. There is  lot of ableism surrounding him. Guards kick his crutch away and never seem to see him as ‘ full’ . He also has some internalized ableism when he thinks about how a girl would never want a lame like him. I wish that had been challenged more on the page at the end. But regardless he was our hero and that was a good thing.

All the big side characters are female. Lineth, a lady who lives at court and who started up a orphanage. Adrya, the Wysman. Ellyn who works at the orphanage.  Lineth is so great to have as she is so kind while Adrya as an older woman and knowing what Jarka still has to face tries to rule him with an iron fist.

The Wysman can be read as a standalone. It tries its best not to refer too much to the happenings in The Wind Reader. While you don’ t nessecarily need to read it to understand this book it does explain some things. Lineth’s father being a traitor, Jarka having met the prince. Things the book doesn’t quite elaborate on.

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  1. Thanks for your review. Maybe by next year I will be off my blahs about stories with royal courts. I don’t think I have read one this year, and I don’t think I have any coming up. Hopefully a year off will cure my disinterest. 😌

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