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Time to Take a Look at Some Challenges Mid-Year

We are already nearing the midway point of 2020, and what a year it has been so far. Since I do have a fair amount of challenges and goals going I decided to do a midway point update for most of them. It will be good to see where I am on track and where I am not on track.

I last checked for this blog post on June 13th so I could plan it in.

turtle recall white

Goal Level: 3 (11-15 books)
Current Level: Level 1 (1-5) books
Books Read: Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Imaginarium | Equal Rites |  The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents | Guards! Guards! | Going Postal

I quite need to work on this one. I mean with a book every month I could still hit 11 books and so level 3 but I was more gunning for 15 haha. I kind of got stuck on the Witches arc Equal Rites was a reread but I had a hard time picking up the rest of the books in that arc so far.

go big or go home 2020

Goal: 12 Books
Current Status: 4 Books
Read: Bone Silence | The Rise and the Fall of D.O.D.O. | The Electric Heir | Shorefall

I have been avoiding the bigger books again despite this being my own reading challenges. I am quite bad.


Contrition of a Bad SFF Fan | Backlist Bingo

backlist bingo

Published in the 70’s
Hugo Award Winner
SciFi The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O
Not Written By a Bloke A Touch of Death
Published in the 80s
Locus Award winner
Fantasy Wild Country
Author Outside of US/UK
Published in the 90s
Sidewise Award Winner
Written By an Author of Colour
Published in the 00s
Nebula Award Winner
Novella Killing Gravity
Not Written in English

I need to work on some of those award winners and all. But I think as we head closer to sci-fi month I will be more inclined in picking these up.

Annemieke's Blog Badge

Annemieke's Bingo Board(3)

I am doing pretty well with this one. Only 4 more to go. Honestly I have one thought out for every one still left except the one with food included in the title. Anyone have any ideas for me?

Prompt Book
A Book Published in 2020 Come Stumbling Down
An Anthology or Poetry Collection
A Book in the Middle of a Series Kiss & Spell
A Book from the Last Decade Tunnel of Bones
A Book with Multiple Povs Wild Country
A Book That a Friend Recommends The Rise and Fall of DODO
A Book That Has a Number in the Title The Ten Thousand Doors of January
A Young Adult Novel Belle Revolte
A Dystopian Novel Storm of Locusts
A Non-Fiction Novel Praten Doe Je Met Zijn Tweeen
A Book Written in a Format Other Than 3rd POV Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky
A Memoir
A Book of Your Choice Equal Rites
A Book About Friendship/Family Bone Silence
A Fantasy/Science-Fiction The Wind Reader
A Book by an Indie Author A Necessary Sacrifice
A Book With a Beautiful Cover The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water
A Book You Saw Someone Else Reading The Library of the Unwritten
A Book with a Color in Its Name Duftapotheke 2: The mystery of the black flower
A Bestseller Book Iron Kissed
A Book Which Was a Gift/Borrowed Ghost Squad
A Book Longer Than 500 Pages
A Book You Meant to Read Last Year The Tyrant’s Tomb
A Book with Food in the Title

The Stay Far Far Away Bingo


I picked this one up at random during the start of covid-19 even though I never really announced it on the blog. Its mostly sci-fi so again I thin I will be able to pick up quite a bit more sci-fi after the Summer.

Aliens Nowhere on Earth
Set on Another Planet
Involves Space Travel
Artificial Intelligence
Female Protagonist
Award Winner
Published Before You Were Born
Time Travel
Short Story Anthology
Sentient Space Ships Killing Gravity
Book by a Favorite Author
First Contact
Published in 2020 Shorefall
Non-Binary or Female Author Iron Cast
Start of a New Series
Set in the Future
Translated Work
Climate Change
A Science Fiction Classic
Over 500 pages
Debut Novel Ghost Squad
Novella Exit Strategy
Last Book in a Series

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8 thoughts on “Time to Take a Look at Some Challenges Mid-Year

    1. I still haven’t progressed further into Wyrd Sisters. Lesigh. But the first full week of July Merijn is at my parents and I think I’m going to sit down with the Witches arc then for a bit.

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