Show Your Bujo Theme

Show Your Bujo Theme| May


Normally I would have posted last Saturday for this reoccuring feature but I decided to push some dates a week (and in some cases two) back. I like showing a short flipthrough of what the month looks like filled in and that can only happen when the month is truly finished.

So my theme for May was…

Mythical Creatures!

May was Wyrd and Wonder month so that seemed very fitting.

I made a simpler cover spread this time around, the theme not right away clear I quite like the lettering though and I do think it fits well for the theme.

My mood trackers are tiny dragons. I hadn’t drawn them all yet in this photo but they are super nice to color for my mood. The Daily Gratitude page is a next frame that I think fits with the lettertype of the cover page.

Next I drew a cutesie Kelpie. I like the hair. The next page are my two trackers for excercise and drinking. With a tiny sea dragon in the middle. I like it though it does look a little full. Around the bujo you can see some cards I made during covid-19. I’ll be making a post about that as well as soon as I have finished all the cards and have shipped them out to all my friends.

For my page and genre tracker I went with 3 different kind of manticores. In chibi form of course because who does reality? Not me.

An lastly I dropped 2 Dryads to safeguard my TBR’s.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel(1)

PS: As you all know the situation is quite horrendous right now in America. But Black Lives Matter is important to the whole world. Not all of us can donate to funds however. Below you find a youtube film you can let run on youtube and it will earn money for bail funds and more.

9 thoughts on “Show Your Bujo Theme| May

  1. Binnenkort moet ik nog eens een keer een nieuwe BuJo-blogpost uitwerken. Vorige maand stond Umbridge in de spotlight en deze maand Luna. Kwestie van een beetje tegengewicht te bieden voor dat ene personage dat er voor zorgt dat ik nog minder voor roos houd dan voordien. 🙂


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