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So this year I am going to go about it a bit differently. I am separating my normal wrap up and my wyrd and wonder wrap up. Which means that this one will be all about Wyrd and Wonder. Tomorrow I will post the rest, however much that is, with my personals of that month.

wyrd and wonder 2020

I started of my fantasy reading this month with some Alix E. Harrow. First I went into her short story Do Not Look Back, My Lion which had a different take on some gender roles. Then I jumped into her The Ten Thousand Doors of January which I read in one evening. I had good hopes at that point for my TBR reading. Unfortunately my mood took a left turn and I decided to jump all into Urban Fantasy. Not a bad thing, just not what I was planning.

The first urban fantasy I jumped into was Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews. All in all I read the first 6 books of the series: Magic Bites, Magic Burns, Magic Strikes, Magic Bleeds, Magic Slays and Magic Rises, and the short story A Questionable Client. At that point I had to stop because I was losing a bit of interest in Kate and the story line as a whole. Hopefully later on in the year I can come back to it and finish the series with the next 4 books.

Then I realized I still have the seventh Fever book, Burned, by Karen Marie Moning still waiting to be read. It was a quick read but unfortunately not that enjoyable. I hope the next few pick up again.

Then I jumped into my next series. Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs has been raved about to me for years and now I finally stuck my head in with the first three books: Moon Called, Blood Bound and Iron Kissed. And I can totally see what you all mean. I can’t wait to read more in this series, but I am currently out of owned books. I cry.

Next up I read Rosemary and Rue, the first October Daye book. I have some mixed feelings about it. I didn’t love it as much as I’d hoped. I read book 2 and liked it better. I think it might be because the setting was more restricting and we don’t need to set up as much as the world as in book 1. Book 3 was also a very interesting book and I can’t wait to see what will happen within the rest of the series.

Reading Challenge(3)

Wyrd and Wonder I always plan ahead for but this year I struggled a little more. Still I ended up posting 21 times for it. I started May off with a review of one of my favorite series so lets just share the reviews I did during Wyrd and Wonder first.

Shorefall by Robert Jackson Bennett is the sequel to Foundryside, one of my favorite books from 2018. Shorefall was another great read!  I specifically saved my review of Discworld’s Imaginarium, that I read in January, for Wyrd and Wonder.

Iron Cast by Destiny Soria was an interesting book about magic, oppression, friendship  and music. And I am now sure I really want to follow this authors career. The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E Harrow was yet another review I posted.

Drowned Country is an arc I had the pleasure of reading and the sequel to Silver in the Wood. I am very much in love with these characters and need so much more.  And lastly I shared why I am so drawn to Mercy Thompson based on the first 3 books of the series.

The readalong book during Wyrd and Wonder was The Goblin Emperor this time around. While I started in late I still managed to jump on board posting answers to the questions our host Lisa asked us.  I posted my answers to Chapters 1 to  17 | Chapters 18 to 26 |Chapter 27 to the End.

With Top Ten Tuesday being every Tuesday most of us always manage to give the prompt a fantasy twist. We’re good like that. I first talked about Six Fantasy Tropes I Enjoyed. In response to a discussion I did I shared 7 Magical Realism Books.  Then I shared The Reasons I Love Doing Wyrd and Wonder. And lastly I shared Five 5 star books in 5 words, in a mg/young adult edtion.

I made a call out to all SFF blogs to be added to a SFF Masterlist I am making. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time or enough focus to publish the list with the ones that have signed up so far. I hope to get this done in the first half of June.

Wyrd and Wonder is also a great time to discuss and make some great lists for fantasy. I discussed that what many call Magical Realims, isn’t.  I also added in the last minute addition of Urban Fantasy vs Epic Fantasy as that came out of the search terms of my blog.  I also talked about the norm of gender constructs in fantasy. And lastly I talked about how my mood reading took me to urban fantasy and shared a few series I have read over the years.

As for the tags, I shared a 5 words for 5 star books, adult edition. I also filled in the get to know the fantasy reader tag.

There was one author appearance. Christian Cura shared and excerpt of his new book.


Reading Challenge(6)

⌘ Imyril welcomes everyone to Wyrd and Wonder with at the start 60 participants! Which has grown since…
⌘ Katrina from Read. Ruminate. Write. shares some Fantasy Gateway Books.
⌘ Jess from Jessticulates talks about the lack of centaurs in fantasy. She also talks about if we should use fantasy to retell history and shares her love of The Goblin Emperor.
⌘ Sia from Every Book a Doorway shares a very personal story with us as she talks about why fantasy saved her. She also talks about unicorn books.
⌘ Brittany from Perfectly Tolerable shared some underrated fantasy books.
⌘ Lila from Hardcover Haven shares 10 YA Fantasy books to get you started with the genre.

Wyrd and Wonder Participants

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Nikki The Bibliophibian https://breathesbooks.com/
Mogsy Bibliosanctum https://bibliosanctum.com/
Kat Bookblather https://bookblather.dreamwidth.org/
X Bookish Muggle https://bookishmuggle.com/
Tammy Books, Bones and Buffy https://booksbonesbuffy.com/
Sammie The BookWyrm’s Den https://thebookwyrmsden.com/
Jennifer Book Den http://www.bookden.net/
BKFRGR Book Forager https://bookforager.wordpress.com/
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S.J. Higbee Brainfluff https://sjhigbee.wordpress.com/
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Captain The Captain’s Quarters https://thecaptainsquartersblog.wordpress.com/
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Erynn The Dragon Hourglass https://erynnlehtonenwriting.com/blog/
David Ecclesbert1’s Blog https://ecclesbertblog.wordpress.com/
Erin Erin’s Library https://erinslibrary.wordpress.com/
Sia Every Book a Doorway https://everybookadoorway.com/
x Every Fandom Has a Story http://everyfandomhasastory.blogspot.com/
Meg The Fairy Bookmother http://fairybookmother.net/
Jenna Falling Letters http://fallingletters.ca/
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X The Fiction Addiction https://www.thefictionaddiction.com/
Line First Line Reader https://firstlinereader.blog/
X Fleur Bleues https://www.fleursbleues.com/
Louisa Foxes and Fairy Tales https://foxesfairytale.wordpress.com/
Rebecca GirlDaveReads https://twitter.com/GirlDaveReads
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Mike Everest Mike Everest Twitter https://twitter.com/MikeEverestEvs
Charlotte Mug Full of Books https://mugfullofbooks.wordpress.com/
Sahi My World of Books https://ksahitya.wordpress.com/
Natasha Natrosette https://natrosette.wordpress.com/
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X Novels and Nebulas https://www.novelsandnebulas.com/
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Piotrek Re-Enchantment of the world https://reenchantmentoftheworld.blog/
Katrina Read. Ruminate.Write https://readruminatewrite.wordpress.com/
Caitlin Realms of My Mind https://realmsofmymind.wordpress.com/
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Robin Robin Kirk https://robinkirk.com/blog /
Terrible Timy Rockstarlit Book Asylum https://starlitbook.com/
X Roll to Save https://rolltosave.blog/
Maddalena Space and Sorcery https://spaceandsorcery.wordpress.com/
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Susy Susy’s Cozy Book World https://susyscozyworld.wordpress.com/
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Kirsten Video Games as Literature http://www.videogamesaslit.com/
A.K. Azariah Wallie’s Wentle Trap https://wallieswentletrap.com/
Lynn Wandering Lynn https://wanderinglynn.com/
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x Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub https://wittyandsarcasticbookclub.home.blog/
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Zezee Zezee with Books https://zezeewithbooks.wordpress.com/


Name Blog Name Url
Imyril There Is Always Room for One More https://onemore.org/
Lisa Dear Geek Place https://deargeekplace.com/
Jorie Jorie Loves a Story https://jorielovesastory.com/


See you all next year~


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14 thoughts on “Dancing out of #WyrdandWonder 2020 | It Is Big~

  1. Sounds like you had a great Wyrd & Wonder ❤ Thanks for the link 😀 Its super awesome that you listed all the participants!!! I think I am following most of them but I will use your list to double check! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the link. I loved your Mercy Thompson post. That series was one of my first forays into urban fantasy and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. I cried a fair bit in Iron Kissed, it was so well written.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh jij zit al verder in de October Day serie. Ik heb tot nu toe enkel het eerste deel gelezen, maar het tweede boek ligt hier wel alvast. Bij mij zat er bij het lezen van de Kate Daniels – serie telkens wat tijd tussen de boeken en dat zorgde ervoor dat ik wilde blijven verderlezen. Al was ik niet meteen van het eerste deel volledig overtuigd. Gelukkig kwam daar nadien verandering in.


    1. Ik heb ondertussen tot boek 5 gelezen en heb tot boek 10 als ebook. Dus ik hoop nog een eindje te komen dit jaar haha.

      Ja ik laat Kate Daniels nu eventjes en dan eind van het jaar of vorig jaar nog eens de rest bekoekeloeren.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. En? Het tweede boek staat hier ook alvast op me te wachten maar de andere delen heb ik nog niet. Ik wilde eerst even afwachten of ik de serie goed bleef vinden.


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