Drowned Country | #WyrdandWonder | Book Review

Thank you to Tor and Netgalley for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in anyway!

 Book: Drowned Country (Greenhollow Duology 2) by Emily Tesh
Release Date: June 16th 2020
Tags: Fantasy / Novella / Man in the Wood / Magic / Faeries / Family / LGBTQ+ / Gay
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Even the Wild Man of Greenhollow can’t ignore a summons from his mother, when that mother is the indomitable Adela Silver, practical folklorist. Henry Silver does not relish what he’ll find in the grimy seaside town of Rothport, where once the ancient wood extended before it was drowned beneath the sea―a missing girl, a monster on the loose, or, worst of all, Tobias Finch, who loves him.

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Drowned Country is the sequel to Silver in the Wood, which I am sad to say is apparently only a duology! Weeps forever.

Where Silver in the Wood started us off with a beautiful eerie forest setting, Drowned Country is different. Instead we find the eerie more through our characters who are trying to just find their way in the world as the end of the last novella changed it for them. Especially Henry is finding it hard to find his way as the new wild man of the forest.

Next to finding some of our eeriness in the characters we do find the forest in a part of the story. Henry can only go as far as the forest but the forest used to be so much bigger. He finds a part underwater as he becomes bait in his mothers plans. I found that especially interesting, how he could connect with the older parts of the forest, the ones that technically didn’t exist anymore.
We also get some creepy ass fairies. No cutie tiny fairies here but those bend on taking it all. Which added to the setting. But most of all, the story is about our characters. About Henry who struggles with who he is now. About trying to hold on to the past when there is only the present.

In moments it gave me the absolute warm fuzzies. For the cuties Henry and Tobias. But also tiny things as Henry feeling guilty about what happened to his mom. The way he cares about the young girl they are trying to save (who by the way doesn’t quite need saving in the way they thought). I just wanted to hug them all.

And even though this is a novella duology I do hope that Emily Tesh will continue writing with these characters with some different settings. Because the team up at the end there just makes me want it. The girl they’ve taken in driving mom Silver and Tobias up a wall while Henry eggs her on. I wants it.

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