Moving Into Cabin 13 of Camp Half Blood During June | #OGReadathon 2020

LogoOne thing that I enjoy about our book community is how so many of us are so incredibly creative. Whether this is through art, bujo, writing etc. We all seem to have something. I especially enjoy seeing the creativity some are putting out into readathons. No longer do we have the read as much as you want this week kind of readathons. But we get many themed ones. In June we get a Percy Jackson one!

The Olympic Games was first created by Ishi from Ishi Time on YouTube. She is joined by co-hosts Ally from The Nature of Pages, NIcole from Nicole & Her Books and Sasha from The Wild Sasha. Down below you can find the video and links to all the needed things in the description. This will be its first year.

Declare Your Team

To figure out which God you are playing for during the Olympic Games Ishi has linked us to the official Which God Are You Descended From that you can find on Rick Riordan’s website.


The quiz put me in cabin 13 of Hades. That is interesting. But I mean if we would be getting the Hades from Disney’s Hercules I would be quite happy, haha. Even so I don’t mind. I quite enjoy Hades as a whole.


You can’t double up and you have to complete mandatory prompts before moving to Advanced Challenges.

Prompt Explanation Book

Mandatory Prompts

The Ghost King Read a Book Featuring the Undead Gideon the Ninth
Bring Back from the Dead Read Something You Already Read Before The Last Magician | Mort
The Underworld Read a Book with a Dark Cover A Touch of Dead
Death Comes Choose a Book from your TBR Randomly
Hermes Free: God of Thieves Steal a Book From Someone Else’s TBR Call Down the Hawk

Advised Advanced Challenges

Sword and Shield Read a book featuring a character you would not get along with The Black Prism
Monster Fighting Read a book featuring Magical Creatures The Angel of Crows

Other Advanced Challeges

Archery Read a Book shorter than 200 pages Nothing is Strange
Pegasus Riding Read a Book Published in the last 5 years The Bone Witch
Canoeing Read a Book with a Blue Cover Between Starfalls
Climing Wall Read a Next Book in a Series
Capture the Flag Read One of your Most Anticipated Books

The ones open will depend on how things go.

Bullet Journal Spread

olympic games bujo

*Olympic Games graphics are not mine.

5 thoughts on “Moving Into Cabin 13 of Camp Half Blood During June | #OGReadathon 2020

  1. Nu weet ik waarom je al goed op tijd met je bullet journal bezig was. Je had een nieuwe readathon lay-out om voor te bereiden. Hij zien er trouwens super uit. Veel succes!


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