Calling All SFF Blogs | Creating a Masterlist of SFF Blogs | #WyrdandWonder

Twitter is a great spot to ask for more blogs to follow. One thing I have noticed is that many ask for SFF blogs because they can’t quite find what they want. The book blogging world is quite vast. So I decided to help out by creating a masterlist/directory.

Last year I was planning on creating a directory with all book bloggers, blogging events, tags, reoccuring readathons for everyone to browse. But honestly, I don’t have the time, and certainly not all of the skills lol. But I can certainly create a ‘tiny’ masterlist for on the blog right?

sff blogger masterlist white

Add Me to the SFF Blogger Masterlist

As you might notice I have added a question on how much SFF you think you have on your blog. I thought long and hard about this but I don’t think it is right for me to dictate what makes a SFF blog. I did add in the question so people know how much they can expect from you.

Please don’t assume that I have or will add you on the list.  This is something for yourself to choose whether or not you want to be on a list like this.

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18 thoughts on “Calling All SFF Blogs | Creating a Masterlist of SFF Blogs | #WyrdandWonder

  1. When I started reading this post, my first thought was “Hmm, I am SFF enough to be in a directory of SFF blogs?” So I appreciate you leaving room for self-definition and varying levels of SFF content. Thanks for hosting this list, I look forward to finding many more new-to-me blogs 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much! I’ve happily filled out the form – I was trying to sort out my percentages – I think I was about accurate – its hard to know really, as I read such a wide spectrum of stories every year but at the heart of what I love to read Speculative Fiction (ie. Science Fiction, Fantasy & Cosy Horror) are definitely key interests plus I regularly join #SciFiMonth & I co-host #WyrdAndWonder bi-annually. Such a wicked sweet project and I am thankful to be on ‘the list’.

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  3. I like the perspective of “how much SFF is on your blog”? I don’t think that I have a SFF blog, even though I read majority SFF. I don’t post enough SFF-related content to consider my blog SFF focused, though. I like being all over the place.

    I look forward to stalking new blogs from this list. Thanks for putting it together!

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    1. Yeah I thought about that for a while but it didnt feel right to dictate it for others. And it is also why I want people to put themselves on because again, I can’t dictate for others how they view their blog and neither can others.

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