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Show Your Bujo Theme | April // Link-Up


April was and is a hard month and a way that showed in my bujo. I started my set-up in March but it took me forever to complete it. Well into April to be honest. It’s been hard to focus and I was not nessecarily happy with some of the pages as I look back. I am my own worst critic.

My April theme was…


This is my cover page. And well mess is a big word but it wasn’t supposed to be this. The april on the left was not meant to be there. I just wanted a cover page on the right side but you couldn’t read the april in the circle well and that miffed me so then the rest appeared.  I haven’t coloured it because I am still not happy with it.

Next we move to my mood tracker. I actually really like the idea I had for this. I should however have drawn the start few smaller so that I would still have more room at the end for fishes. Which I did not have. But still I do like all the drawings.

I tried the sun layout thing with my daily gratitude but that just didn’t work out. And I don’t think I like the layout for me either.

The drinking and excercises tracker were made apart of this drawing of a mermaid. The bubbles are the excercise. The tail is the drinking tracker. I like the idea and I like how the mermaid came out. Not too sure on the bubbles.

This was just an extra drawing in the theme. I like it. I wanted to stay away from too many of the typical pretty humanoid mermaids.

Pages Read with a swimming mermaid. I think its cute.

Genres read next to it. I do  like the drawing of my mermaid and all but when I thought this up I just didn’t think it through with colouring in the baubles for genres read because I had no idea how many books I was going to read this month. So that is why it isn’t completely complete.

Lastly an extra drawing. I like the idea. Not sure if I love the execution of the bottle and octopus. And my tbr for this month with a shark type of mermaid. *bites you*

How do you all deal with not making the best choices with your bujo looking back. Do you just leave it, try to fix it or glue the pages shut and try again?

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