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Book Haul # 52 | Where I Keep on Haulin’ Ebooks…

You never did think this day would come where I activily purchased more ebooks than physical books, did you? Well here it is. Because during most of March and a bit of April, this was my haul. The Arc Gods also laughed down on me in recent weeks so yeah. Mostly ebooks to be found here again. And that is okay. I think. Maybe.

Reading Challenge(64)

Gideon the Ninth (The Locked Tomb 1) by Tamsy Muir
I finally got a copy of this book. It is so pretty.

Thorn by Intisar Khanani = READ
And of course my hc of Thorn to support Intisar ❤

Ghost Squad by Claribel Ortega  = READ
I won a twitter giveaway by Aimal from Bookshelves and Paperbacks for a preorder and I choose Ghost Squad.

Reading Challenge(63)

ng haul april 2020

Drowned Country (Greenhollow 2) by Emily Tesh = READ
Release Date: June 16th 2020
I jumped at the opportunity to read this early ❤ And I loved it.
Phoenix Extravagant by Yoon Ha Lee
Release Date: June 9th 2020
I’ve only heard amazing things about Yoon Ha Lee so I am super excited.
Shorefall (Founders 2) by Robert Jackson Bennett = READ
Release Date: April 21st 2020
I screamed when I got the email.
Sky Pirates: Echo Quickthorn and the Great Beyond by Alex English
Release Date: August 5th 2020
Middle grade I cannot resist.
Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Release Date: June 30th
I have been blessed by the arc gods.

ebook haul april 2020 The Goblin Emperor (The Goblin Emperor 1) by Katherine Addison
I’ve had my eye on this ever since I first saw it a few years ago, and now with Wyrd and Wonder having a readalong for it in May, I decided that this was going to be a good time to get it to readalong. I went for the ebook because the cover I wanted was suddenly out of stock where I was going to order it #grumbles
Prince of Thorns (Broken Empire 1) by Mark Lawrence
The last year I read 4 of his books and I can safely say that he is become a favorite author. This is the next book by him I want to tackle and I found the ebook relatively cheap so… I hesitated on these when they were a bit newer but knowing his style I am more inclined to give them a try. Also, a book of short stories is coming out for it in June I think so yeah…
Sanctuary by V.V. James
I really enjoyed her Dark Gifts trilogy so I’ve had my eye on this for a while. With it being just 0.99 cents I grabbed it.
Mage’s Blood (Moontide Quartet 1) by David Hair
They started translated this series to Dutch a while ago but kept splitting up the books in two parts. And there were so many parts I had no idea which fit with which book, and they didn’t even end up finishing it I think. I have the first two parts in Dutch but I’ve been hesitant to start even though I’ve been really interested. So for 1,99 I figured I could give it a chance in the future.
The School of Magical Animals (The School of Magical Animals 1) by Margit Auer
Not available in English for as far as I can tell. German MG author translated to Dutch. During Covid-19, with all the kids at home, one site had different kid books on offer for 0,01 cent. This one appealed to me and I decided to grab it along.

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16 thoughts on “Book Haul # 52 | Where I Keep on Haulin’ Ebooks…

  1. Great haul! I’ve also been buying more ebooks than physical books lately, in part because I prefer to get my paper books in person and can’t do that right now. I’m jealous of your copy of Mexican Gothic. I have to wait for the official release date to get my hardback copy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m really excited to find out what you’ll think of Gideon the Ninth. It’s still on my wishlist so it always helps to see what other readers, whom’s taste I love, think about it. Overall; that’s a pretty awesome looking haul you got there!! They all look really interesting! The only one that I own myself is Sanctuary by VV James, that I got in an illumicrate box once, and Prince of Thorns that I’ve been wanting to read for ages – it’s one of those books that I just never seem to get around to read haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah that sounds familiar. I’ve known about Mark Lawrence for years and years but it took me until last year to finally pick up a book by him. But he is slowly becoming a favourite author.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Een vriendin heeft De school van de magische dieren in hardcover gekocht. Het zag er wel een heel mooi exemplaar uit. Zelf heb ik deze maand nog niets nieuw aan mijn collectie toegevoegd maar daar gaat verandering in komen. Ik bestelde immers online boeken bij zowel een grote keten als een kleine zelfstandige. Binnenkort wil ik ook nog wat leesvoer bij bestellen bij Standaard Boekhandel. Dat is een grotere keten maar ik hoop echt dat ons plaatselijke filiaal blijft bestaan dus ook hen wil ik wat extra sponsoren. Niet goed voor mijn tbr die eindelijk wat aan het zakken is maar wel goed voor de economie en die heeft het momenteel nu eenmaal zwaar te verduren.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Het was wel een okay middle grade. Maar niet een waar ik zomaar qua serie verder in zal lezen denk ik. Maar voor de doelgroep is hij heel leuk.
      Helemaal waar en en mijn defence, de Deventer Boekenmarkt is afgelast dus ik kan niet mijn normale boekenslag slaan haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hihi, bij mij is het feit dat Londen gecancelled werd een goed excuus om meer leesvoer te kopen vermits ik het daar niet kan doen. 🙂


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