Show Your Bujo Theme| March // Link-Up


There doesn’t seem to be that much interest to link up but I’m still doing it because I do like showing my themes regardless.

So for March my theme was…


March is the month that Pratchett passed away 5 years ago and it seemed fitting to do my theme on discworld then. The cover page is a bit meh looking back at it. I’m not happy with the march banner.

My mood tracker is based on the jewerly version of A’tuan. I let myself be inspired a lot also by Discworld’s Imaginarium book by Paul Kidby. I also referenced it for the characters and all.

This spread is my daily gratitude page and is based on the Death arc from Discworld. The quote is from one of the books.

My excercise and drinking tracker is based on the City Watch arc with the lovely Errol and of course those drunken ones.

My pages read and genre tracker is based on the witches arc. Trees from the woods they often reside near and Nanny Oggs hat. Headology is what the witches call their ‘magic’.

And lastly this spread is based on the Tiffany Aching arc with my March TBR. The Wee Free Men were hard to draw dangit.


Drop you link down below if you are participating in showing us what your theme was this March!


Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel(1)

7 thoughts on “Show Your Bujo Theme| March // Link-Up

  1. Ik blijf het prachtig vinden hoe gedetailleerd je lay-outs zijn uitgewerkt. Het lijkt me heerlijk om daar nadien doorheen te bladeren. Ik wil mijn blogpost trouwens wel linken hoor maar ik deel ze niet meer elke maand. Binnenkort wil ik er eentje delen waarin ik meerdere maanden toon maar dan past het niet echt bij jouw rubriek dus … tja, ik weet niet goed of het dan wel past.

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