Why It Is Fine to Read Middle Grade as an Adult | #middlegrademarch

One thing that unfortunately seems to happen a lot in the bookish community is that some like to throw shade around for what others read. Whether this be fantasy, chicklit, romance, young adult etc. Middle Grade is one other kind of book that people like to frown about when they see adults reading it.  But Middle Grade is amazing.

I will always stand by that Middle Grade is first and foremost for Middle Grade Readers (ages 8 to 12). The reading level and story should be appropiate for the age bracket. As long as you go into these books with this in mind then Middle Grade is also great to read as an adult.

Youthly Enthusiasm

I think what draws me most to middle grade are the characters. There is often still something so pure about the characters in middle grade. An innocence. But also their youthly enthusiasm is catching. How they move with whatever comes along. They often just take it as it comes. I also love seeing their ingenuity in certain situations.

All the Quick Adventure

Middle Grade brings along so much adventure. No matter the topic, there is always an adventure to be had. Spying on your older siblings, jumping out of the window, pulling a prank. All the activity is present. We are always moving. This quick-paced makes it so easy to sit down with these books to read in a sitting.

The Fantastical

The imagination that is present in Middle Grade makes my fantasy heart so very happy. Using umbrella’s to travel or having a combination of a box, a laptop and a banana to time travel. Anything that can be thought of can and will happen in Middle Grade.

Depth and Complexity

Middle Grade isn’t al whimsical. Certainly in recent years there has been much more added depth and complexity to Middle Grade. Grief, transexuality and the reality of racism are just some of the topics I have seen come up on middle grade recently. It isn’t always the main topic, but in a lot of cases it is weaved in. The reality of day to day life is represented. More and more diversity is coming through. It is why middle grade can tug so much on your heart strings.

Reconnecting with Your Youth

I don’t know about you but as I get older and get dragged down by all be responsibilities Middle Grade can be such a welcome breather. It makes me get closer to the child that is still in me. It is nothing we have to hide.

Sharing with Your Children

This might not be a point that works for some of you but Middle Grade is a great way to connect with your children. A lot of these stories are still suited to be read to or to read together. Sharing stories and talking about what happens is a great way to teach your child about the world, about the reality within a more playful setting. But also just connecting and sharing a love of stories is amazing too.

Merijn is still too young for Middle Grade now but I can’t wait to share some of these stories with him in the future. I have a list.

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13 thoughts on “Why It Is Fine to Read Middle Grade as an Adult | #middlegrademarch

  1. MG books are some of my favorite books lately! I love the points that you talked about for why it’s okay to read as an adult. I think I really related to the point about reconnecting with our youth. I think that’s really why I love reading MG novels every once in a while. Great post ❤

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  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. ❤ I absolutely adore Middlegrade books and often have to take shit from other people for it. I especially love your point with "connecting with your youth" and the adventure part is one of my favorite things about this genre. I also find that Middlegrade are in some way more earnest than for example YA or NA. I feel like they focus on the story and don't have too much unnecessary drama.
    And now I gotta look at the books in your pictures. The Serpent's secret looks great!

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  3. Great post, Annemieke! I’d like to read more Middle Grade, and I completely agree that while it is obviously primarily for MG readers they’re definitely books that adults can enjoy, too – in fact I think the best MG books are books that adults can also enjoy, because it speaks to a certain kind of timelessness that they have.

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  4. I don’t normally read MG although I have a few on my TBR. Then I picked up Nevermoor yesterday and couldn’t stop reading it and I’m gutted that I didn’t buy the second book when I had the chance to go out! 😂 Now I’m in a serious MG mood and that’s never happened before so I just went on a Kindle spree and bought a few titles going for 90p! Very excited to start reading them 😀

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  5. This is an awesome post! I love reading middle grade and completely agree with all the above. The aspect which speaks to me the most has to do with the depth and complexity. Sure, deep and complex ideas are explored. But I also love how simple the authors make them. Ideas that are actually very complex are broken down so even a young person can understand. More adults need that clarity in their perspectives of the world!

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  6. Ik vind het altijd zo jammer wanneer mensen neerkijken op wat iemand graag leest. Op alles eigenlijk. Of het nu om boeken, films, series, kleding, hobby’s, … wat dan ook gaat. Natuurlijk houdt niet iedereen van dezelfde zaken maar je hoeft daar toch niet zo neerbuigend over te doen. Toch? Ik lees dan ook gewoon elk boek dat me leuk lijkt. Het leek me altijd heerlijk om bepaalde klassiekers samen met je kind(eren) te herontdekken.

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