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The Great Series Read Project

Recently Imyril posted about joining in with The Great Series Read Project. So of course I had to go and dive right on into this.

The Great Series Read Project was created by Caitlin from Realms of My Mind back in December 2018. This is as such not a year long reading challenge but a way to help you keep track of the series you are reading and to help you finish them. Because that is just so very often what we lose track of.


The last few years I’ve had finish series as a goal every year. Finishing series was never something I’ve been good off though I am trying. This year I kept the goal loose in that I did not set in stone which series I wanted to complete for it. Just how many. Fifteen is my number.

So far:

Finished: 5
Revenger | The Others | Spellcaster Academy | Feverwake | Book of Ancestors
Caught up with: 1
Wayward Children |

That is actually pretty decent of me since we are only halfway in March at the point of me writing this blog post. So not too shabby of me. I will still track this too but I will wrap up this goal along with an update on this project at the end of the year.

The Great Series Read Project

So joining in with this project seems like a good idea. But of course I would not be me if I did not have to go overboard. So instead of just listing a few series here, I made pdf files. I know. I am extra. There are many many many series on here but I also listed what books I have read and what I still have to read from it. So there is that.

Finished Series to Finish

All these series have been finished for as far as I know so they are somewhat easier to keep track of.

Click to access the-great-series-read-project.pdf


Ongoing Series to Keep Track of (and Catch up to)

These are series that are still being published or where I suspect that there is still going to be a book in the works. I also think that it is good to keep track of those series that are still publishing but need to catch up to. Otherwise you fall behind a whole lot at the end of it all.

Click to access the-great-series-read-project-still-publishing.pdf


Finished Series Starting January 2020

And I would not be me if I wasn’t going to keep track of those series I actually finished. Go me.

Click to access the-great-series-read-project-finished-in-2020.pdf


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13 thoughts on “The Great Series Read Project

  1. So glad you’ve joined The Great Series Read Project! I really want to try the Temeraire series, that sounds so up my alley. And yay, another person reading The Diabolic series!! I’m so excited book 3 has a release date!

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  2. Ik blijf er steeds opnieuw versteld van staan hoe mooi jij dat allemaal bijhoudt en hoeveel verschillende doelen je tracht te behalen. Zelf zou ik er binnen de kortste keren stress van krijgen dus ik ga je voorbeeld niet opvolgen. Maar dat neemt niet weg dat ik het wel heel bewonderenswaardig vind dat jij het wel kan.

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  3. I’ve started this year keeping track of my series I’ve finished and what I have yet to read, but I’m so disorganized that I’ve been looking for a better way to keep track of this. And this looks amazing! Love how you organize the spreadsheets and I am so stealing this layout. Now I’m off to add three more (or four, maybe) sheets to my 2021 reading spreadsheet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah awesome! Glad I could help! I was also so unorganized until I made this. It is helpful. Even when you don’t update it monthly it is still easy to update whenever you do have time ๐Ÿ™‚


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