Three Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Thorn

You might have heard me screeching about Thorn by Intisar Khanani for a while now. No? Well let me tell you a story.

I came across a novella called Sunbolt a few years ago, this was even before my son was born. And I fell in love with the main character. During my hospital stay after my c-section I read Memories of Ash, the second book. After this I started following the author, Intisar Khanani.

While I was sad I could not buy Thorn as an ebook at the time I was so very pleased for her that her book was picked up by HarperTeen (and Hot Key Books in the UK). It has taken a while but now this book is finally coming out on March 24th.

I’ve had the priviledge of having received an arc of this book. For the longest time I struggled with writing a review for it. So in the end I decided to give you a list of reasons to pick it up.

You can also see the cover reveal and the excerpt I posted on my blog last year for Thorn here. The giveaway in the post is of course closed now.

Goose Girl Retelling

I think most of us are known with the Goose Girl story in some form or another in which a princess gets forced to switch places with her maid and she is left to herd geese. Even if you haven’t read the Brothers Grimm story the basics are familiar to most of us.

Thorn is a Goose Girl retelling and stays true to the basics of the story. But Intisar Khanani manages to weave a more intricate and deep plot surrounding those basics with an extremely compelling main character in Alyrra.

It has some heavy topics woven throughout the story

Not only does Intisar create an intricate story, she also weaves some heavy topics throughout the story. Domestic abuse, parental neglect, rape, murder, the treatment of those ‘others’ in the kingdom. It creates depth to a world that is not at all perfect.

It is about standing up for others and yourself. Responsibility and who you are.

Most of all though I think what appealed to me in the story was that Alyrra is an actual reluctant hero or princess. Despite being a princess, her life has not been an easy one. When she gets the chance to live her life as a goose girl and make genuine friends, she wonders if that isn’t better for her. But as the story progresses she wonders about her responsibility as a princess to those around her. Can she really turn her back on those that would depend on her? The glimpse into the life of the ordinary gives her an unique window and helps her see what matters most in life.

Title: Thorn by Intisar Khanani
Release Date: March 24th 2020
Tags: Young Adult / Fantasy / Fairytales / Fairytale Retelling / Goose Girl / Family / Responsibility / Finding Who you Are
Content/Trigger Warnings: Domestic Abuse / Parental Neglect \ Rape \ Murder \ Taking Care of Raped Friend
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Sunbolt /Memories of Ash



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