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O.W.L.S. 2020 | Magical Readathon Sign-Up

It might not have escaped your notice that there was some excitement on Twitter last week when Book Roast announced the 3rd year of the Magical Readathon and OWLS 2020 readathon for April.

I missed the very first year but I have been on board since last years OWLS. It is just a lot of fun. Though Rowling has sucked a lot of the fun out of Harry Potter for a portion of us, attending Hogwarts does still speak to our imagination. So here we are again.

This year I am going for:


Key Traits: Care | Gentleness | Perception

Subject Prompt Book
Care of Magical Creatures Creature with Beak on the Cover Crown of Feathers
Charms White Cover This is How You Lose the Time War OR Ghost Squad
Herbology Title Starts with an I Iron Cast
Potions Book Under 150 Pages Exit Strategy

Extra Trainings and Workshops

This year, next to your career, you can also select some training and workshops to add to your whole. Well don’t mind if I do. With Merpeople Linguistics I don’t have to do anything extra because I already have herbology as an owl to complete and I don’t have to double it. As for animagus I already have potions and if I have time I can go for the others. And if I have a lot of time I can do the extra book for dragon taming. All of these are fantastic along with magizoologist.

Subject Prompt Book
Merpeople Linguistics
Herbology Title Starts witn an I Iron Cast
Animagus Training
Arithmancy Read a Book Outside of Your Favorite Genre Killing Gravity
Potions Books Under 150 Pages Exit Strategy
Transfiguration Book/Series that has Shapeshifting The Gathering
Dragon Taming
x Read a Dragon book Throne of Jade

OWLS 2019 | NEWTS 2019

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18 thoughts on “O.W.L.S. 2020 | Magical Readathon Sign-Up

  1. Oh! Maybe I will participate this year! I don’t quite know how much reading I will get done but i feel like it would be a nice change. Extra training sounds great too! 🙂

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  2. Yay! I love the O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s sososo much, haha. My TBR is already all stacked up on my desk and it’s too tempting. I just want to start already – especially with being cooped up at home. :’) Can’t we start early..?!

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  3. Oh, ik dacht dat jij de allereerste wel had meegemaakt maar we hadden hem toen blijkbaar allebei gemist. Ondertussen ziet mijn boekenselectie er alweer ietsje anders uit vermits ik ontdekte dat ik nog geen boek met een snavel/bek had uitgekozen. Momenteel liggen er vrij veel dunne boeken voor me klaar en drie gewonen leesboeken. Eigenlijk heb ik ook enkel die boeken klaarliggen die ik moet lezen voor mijn diploma. Maar wie weet gaat het lezen wel super vlot en kan ik er nog wat extra bijlezen. Huis van aarde en bloed (+900blz) heb ik gelukkig nog op tijd uitgekregen dus ik kan morgen in een nieuw boek starten.

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      1. Bah, jammer dat het niet wil lukken momenteel. Ik vreesde er zelf ook voor maar had er gelukkig voor gekozen om te starten met graphic novels, comics en een strip. Misschien kan je dat proberen en lukt het zo misschien wel om op gang te komen.

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