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The End of an Adventure | Pondathon 2020 Wrap Up

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For almost 2 months I fought as a part of the pondathon in Team Xiaolong. I earned 7 awards during 8 sidequests, and earned a total of 1302 points according to my tracking. I completed a total of 20 books. I think that, despite having some bad reading  periods, I did well overall with the readathon and was a good asset on the team.

According to CW’s spreadsheet I acquired 1239 points which could also be very true because I was kind of a mess in keeping track of it all, haha. Especially those sidequests.

Below you can see how I tracked the points for myself, messy as I was.

Did you participate during the Pondathon? How did you do?

Points Calculated

As I was on Team Xiaolong I got 1 point for every 10 pages I read. And as a bonus, if I finished a book I would get an extra 15 points.

Date Pages Read Books Finished Points I think I Earned
24th 208 pages 1 35 points
25th 44 pages x 4 points
26th 370 pages 1 52 points
27 th 197 pages 1 34 points
28th 598 pages 2 89 points
29th 238 pages 1 38 points
31st x x x
Total 291 points
1st x x x
2nd x x x
3rd 200 pages 1 35 points
4th 167 pages 1 31 points
5th x x x
6th x x x
7th x x x
8th x x x
9th 249 pages x 24 points
10th 135 pages 1 30 points
11th x x x
12th x x x
13th 200 pages 1 35 points
14th 225 pages 1 37 points
15th 127 pages x 12 points
16th 117 pages x 11 points
17th 852 pages 2 115 points
18th 335 pages 1 48 points
19th x x x
20th x x x
21st x x x
22nd 421 pages 1 57 points
23rd x x x
24th 37 pages 1 18 points
25th x x x
26th x x x
27th x x x
28th x x x
29th x x x
Total 453 points
1st 221 pages 1 37 points
2nd x x x
3rd 193 pages 1 34 points
4th x x x
5th 411 pages x 41 points
6th 375 pages 2 67 points
7th x x x
Total 179 points
Total Whole Period 923 points
Sidequest Points Bonus Award Earned
Protect Xiaolong 74 points Yes
Cuddle’s Conundrum 0 points Yes (In extra earning round)
Help Gen Make Healing Potions 20 points Yes
Sing, Amina and Bao! Sing! No No
Varian’s Guilt 90 Points Yes
Aunty Buaya Is Here 89 points Yes
It’s Time to Party 106 Points Yes
The Final Spell 0 points Yes
Total Points 379 points
Total Points Main Quest Total Points Sidequests Total
923 points 379 points 1302 points


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