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Whenever I show my collection of Pratchett, what stands out to others are some of my matching hardcovers. These hardcovers are without a dustjacket and of a rough texture. I always call this my Gollancz collection but that isn’t entirely correct. Since I always get so many comments on this I figured I’d share a little about them.

Discworld Collector’s Library

The Discworld Collector’s Library collection was initially started by Gollancz and Terry Pratchett a few years before his death. Gollancz has published a lot of his works and they decided to collaberate on these new editions. They were also meant to be cheaper than the normal hardcovers, with prices around 10 pounds.

Unfortunately Gollancz did not own the rights to all the books. Only up to book 21. After Terry Pratchett’s death Doubleday seemed to have picked up continuing these kind of editions that match the Gollancz ones. Excluding The Last Hero, The Amazing Maurice and Tiffany Aching. Those  are illustrated or young adult and as such they probably don’t own the rights. It is a shame because they would also look great in these editions I think.

The covers are illustrated by Joe McLaren.

Gollancz Covers & Links

discworld gollancz.png

I’m linking to the correct editions on Goodreads:
The Colour of Magic / The Light Fantastic /Equal Rites/ Mort / Sourcery
Wyrd Sisters/ Pyramids / Guards! Guards! / Eric / Moving Pictures
Reaper Man / Witches Abroad / Small Gods/ Lords and Ladies / Men at Arms
Soul Music / Interesting Times / Maskerade/ Feet of Clay / Hogfather

Doubleday Covers & Links


I’m linking to the correct editions on Goodreads:
The Last Continent / Carpe Jugulum / The Fifth Elephant / The Truth / Thief of Time
Night Watch / Monstrous Regiment / Going Postal / Thud! / Making Money
Unseen Academicals / Snuff / Raising Steam

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7 thoughts on “Turtle Recall Reading Guide / Discworld Collector’s Library / Gollancz & Doubleday

  1. We have some of the books as hardcovers as they were released and some of the earlier books as the original paperback cover and then I started buying the gorgeous new linen hardcovers, I figure it was worth it since the books are read by our entire family and often re-read. I don’t have them all but as I re-read now I try and buy the new hardcover. I have all of the Death books from Gollancz and so far only Night Watch and Unseen Academicals from Doubleday. Having the hardcovers makes it easier to lend out some of the older editions. They are amongst my favourite books.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed. It is eassier to lend them out. I try and get them in these editions but at the same time, if I come across a different hardcover I will not pass that up either haha.


    1. Yes! They match in spines mostly too. I’ll have to snap a pic of that some time.

      Yeah that is stupid. I hate that they also left them out of this series. 😦 Tiffany is so popular.


  2. I am so sad that gollancz didn’t get the rights to all of them. Their editions are much nicer. The Doubleday ones don’t have the ribbon bookmark, have a different font and have a higher ratio of blank space to text on each page making each book fatter than it needs to be. I adore the cover art, so I’ll keep buying them, I’m just a bit bummed.

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    1. Yeah I was said that Gollancz didn’t have the rights either. They do still look nice and Tiffany Aching and Maurice also recently got matching covers (which pleased me because I didn’t think they would).


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