Show Your Bujo Theme| January & February // Link-Up


Here we are. As I announced earlier this month I am going to be doing a Show Your Bujo Theme monthly link-up. Each time I will share my own and then put the link-up at the bottom.  This month will be for January and February (you can link up two seperate times if so desired this month).

You can find the dates when I will post on the page for this here. You are not required to post on the same day however. Link-ups will be open for 2-3 weeks, depending on my own memory.

So let us jump into my own bujo!


January was the month I started up my bullet journal. Since the month had already started, and I would otherwise certainly not remember my mood for my mood tracker I had to hurry up with setting it up in its whole. Including January. So my theme for January was simply WINTER.

It was quite honestly the easiest thing I could come up with at the moment and I do like the combination of purple and blue together.

Here is a flipthrough of all the pages. I quite like how my January lettering came out. But a lot of other things are quite messy and I wish I’d stopped and thought more about what I actually wanted. On the other hand I did learn a lot from it overall.

I do genuinely like how this came out. It is a card I got from Liesbet from Zwartraafje. And I added the lettering around it. It just coloured so very well.


February of course is the month of Valentine. So I opted for going with HEART GIRL as my theme. She and the hearts come back on every page. I felt like doing something with hearts but not too much Valentine. And I honestly wanted to try and add in some drawings after having seen more bujo spreads over on instagram with drawings. So this was my experimentation on that front.

My cover page with my mood tracker is my hearts girl with a heart and a plant with hearts growing from it as my mood tracker. It seemed like a very nice idea but I think I could have put more work into the actual plant.

Generally I use pencil first to draw everything, including my lettering.

After that I start lining everything. This time I used a lot of black but also pink fineliners in places. I used a lot of different coloured pencils, but tried to stay close to blue, pink and yellow as the color scheme.

Above you can see my running and drinking tracker. Running has been difficult with my back though this year. And the drinking tracker is to try and take more time to drink through the day which I am very bad at. I kept the drawing very simple with it.

Moving further down below I have a daily pages read and genre tracker. I enjoyed adding in the girl reading and I think it is my favorite drawing of her. But I also needed to keep a good amount of room to fill it all in. So the bottom part looks kind of empty.

I also have a daily gratitude page where I jot down what I am grateful for that day.

Of course I also have a page for my monthly tbr. In this bujo my tbr will consist of 7 books each time. If I will succeed is always the question.

And I had another page with things glued in about books and things I had collected.

How far ahead do you think of themes for each month?


As my inlinkz account is currently limited to only 2 host parties that are currently open for my reading challenges, for now the link-up will just consist of putting your links down below in the comment (no extra comment required if you don’t want to). If in the future we get a certain amount of linkees than I might use my husbands email to make another inlinkz account. But hey this will also give you more time to link up as there is no final date now where you have to drop the link by. #wink

I will also post everyone who linked up in the comment at the end of this post when I have time. ❤

6 thoughts on “Show Your Bujo Theme| January & February // Link-Up

  1. Zo leuk om deze te kunnen bewonderen. Tof ook dat je dat kaartje in je bullet journal kon verwerken. Ik ben al een tijdje van plan om nog eens wat post te versturen dus misschien komt er in de toekomst nog wat bullet journal materiaal jouw richting uit. Vroeger werkte ik niet met thema’s maar sinds ik vorig jaar met een Harry Potter lay-out ben begonnen doe ik het wel. Zo is deze maand een Ron Weasly maand geworden.

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