How I Keep Track of All the Reading Challenges in 2020

I quite enjoy reading challenges. For me they can add another dimension to my reading as some focus on diversity or books that I might have been avoiding. Some are just plain fun.

I got asked during my reading challenge wrap up of last year how I keep track of doing all these reading challenges. This is still something I have been developing over the years but I am pretty tight on keeping track of things. I enjoy keeping track of these things, like the reading statistics.

My way of keeping track is in various places, and they certainly won’t work for everyone. I’m just going to walk you guys through them all though and maybe you can take something from it. As long as you enjoy doing it.

Bullet Journal

Something new I have been doing this year is a bullet journal. Now I am not keeping track of weekly or monthly spread in tasks or daily organizer for my life. A lot of the things I have in there are trackers. Mood and running tracker. Daily gratitude. And I keep track of a lot of reading things like my reading challenges and some reading goals. For some reading challenges i am participating in I have created a spread. I also do this with readathons I am participating in.

I decided againt doing one for Turtle Recall and Year of the Asian Reading Challenge because I find that I don’t know how far I’ll get with these. I might read much more than I could add into the spread.

Go Big or Go Home

Armed with a Book Bingo

Start on Your Shelfathon

Contrition of an SF Fan

Statistics Booklet

Since 2015 I have a little book let in which I keep track of my reading statistics that I share for each year. They have grown and developed over the years. And after those statistics I also note down the reading challenges I am doing, just for the quick numbers. There are no details in it but it shows me in which months I have had better luck with some of them than in other months. It is also easier to see how far I am in a quick glance than the spreads in my bujo are as they are a bit more detailed.


Next to that I also use the computer to add in covers to digital files like bingo’s to easily share my progress in a blog update or on twitter. It is nicely visual and easier for others to understand

Annemieke's Bingo Board(3)



And lastly I tend to create my wrap up posts in advance for reading challenges to that I have a digital back-up of what I have in my statistics and I know what I want to share about this reading challenge in specifics at the end of it all. That way I can fill it in along the way and I don’t have to do everything all at once at the end. Makes my life easier.

Previous Years  – Wall

This year I am doing a bullet journal. The things I have in there now are things I had printed out and taped to my wall in previous years so that I had a constant visual. For me I ended up feeling limited in what details I could add to it which is why I went with a bullet journal this year. However it is still a great way to remind yourself of all those reading challenges you are doing.

How do you keep track of your reading challenges?

16 thoughts on “How I Keep Track of All the Reading Challenges in 2020

  1. My main way of keeping track is through my Book Bullet Journal. I only have a couple of challenges (GR Goal and 20 books for 2020) but I have spreads for both of them which I really like filling in whenever I’ve finished a book.

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  2. Ik vind jouw bullet journal lay-outs telkens zo mooi om te zien. Zelf hou ik mijn gelezen boeken bij via Goodreads, mijn bullet journal en mijn blog. Maar qua challenge is het voorlopig enkel die van Goodreads dus ik moet nog niet veel opvolgen en neerpennen. Als ik meedoe aan een leesmarathon dan hou ik het doorgaans zowel in mijn bujo als op mijn blog bij.

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