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Ten Books I Read in 2019 but Didn’t Review // #toptentuesday 223

Reviewing is always such a thing as a book blogger. However when you read over a 50 books a year it can be hard to keep up with reviewing all the books you read. Let us be honest too. Sometimes we just don’t have that much to say about certain books. That happens to me a lot too, especially if it is popular book.

So I thought I’d just share some books from 2019 that I didn’t end up reviewing here on the blog.

And the Ocean was Our Sky by Patrick Ness. Illustrated by Rovina Coi.
>> I was excited to see this in the story at the time but it again did not quite turn out to be for me. It was a little too weird for my taste with the whales. Interesting idea though for sure.

Avempartha (Riyria Revelations 1) by Michael J. Sullivan.
>> This one I did not review because I am going to write a series review for this once I finish all 6 books. Only 3 more to go.

King of Scars (Nikolai 1) by Leigh Bardugo. / 3,5 stars
>> I didn’t review this. I have some mixed feelings about it and I want to see if the sequel ends up taking some of that away before I write it all out.

All Systems Red (Murderbot Diaries 1) by Martha Wells. / 5 stars
>> I haven’t reviewed this because I want to review the novella Murderbot diaries together. But this one has been my favorite by far.

Ceremony in Death (In Death 5) by J.D. Robb / 4 stars
>> I think I might have reviewed the first few but with a series so big and me not being quite a mystery/detective kind of reviewer I am leaving the rest unreviewed. These are just great books for me to read in between. I love them.

ttt 223.png

A Thousand Beginnings and Endings. Edited by Ellen Oh and Elsie Chapman. / 4 stars
A diverse anthology with some great stories. I rated one story 2 stars and the rest were all 3 stars and up.

Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick. / 3 stars
>> A very interesting combination of text and illustrations to depict two different point of views. Emotional but it never quite touched me.

The Murders of Molly Southbourne (Molly Southbourne 1) by Tade Thompson. / 3 Stars
>> This was a free ebook I received through TOR and while I was excited about the premise it just did not quite ended up being for me. I rated it but decided not to leave a review for it.

Soulless (Parasol Protectorate 1) by Gail Carriger. / 4,5 stars
>> Soulless was just a delicious paranormal romance history book to read in between. It was what I needed at the time and I didn’t feel like I needed to review a book that so many have raved about before me.

Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse 1) by James S.A. Corey. / 4 stars
>> I didn’t end up writing a review for this and its sequel because I didn’t have anything more to say than most haven’t already said about this series. It is interesting, despite its big volume it is easy to read, but it also has its downfalls in places.  Maybe I’ll do a series review one day.

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17 thoughts on “Ten Books I Read in 2019 but Didn’t Review // #toptentuesday 223

  1. Sadly, it drives my crazy if I don’t review a book as soon as I finish it.Even if it’s the middle of the night. Ha! I’m always a little jealous of those that can get so caught up in their reading they forget to review. 😉

    My Top Ten Tuesday

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  2. I have a lot of books I didn’t review on my blog, mostly romance books because I felt I was a YA/Fantasy blogger. But that’s really changing now haha.

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  3. Great take for today’s prompt! It reminds me that I have quite a few reviews that I’ve been putting off writing as well… Wondering if I’ll ever get around to them considering how shoddy my memory is! Haha looking forward to hearing your thoughts on some of these as I have them on my TBR!

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  4. The only time I wouldn’t write a review is if it was a personal read and not from a publisher. I feel obligated to read everything publishers give me (or at least try), but it does get to be a lot of work!

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  5. I have trouble reviewing books sometimes when I’m in the middle of a series (hence why I only have a review for Cinder and not the rest of the Lunar Chronicles). I get so excited to keep going and then I forget. So now I’m re-reading the series so I can *hopefully* complete my reviews.

    Thanks for sharing and happy reading!

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  6. Goh, ik vraag me af hoeveel boeken ik vorig jaar las zonder ze te recenseren. Vrij veel vermoed ik. Sommige komen met vertraging nog wel eens aan bod maar bij velen doe ik het inderdaad gewoon niet.

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