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My Favorite Covers of 2019 Releases // #toptentuesday 222

In January we are still looking back at the previous reading year, and while we are at the very last of the month, having a peak at some very pretty covers is never a bad thing. So for this top ten tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) I am sharing some 2019 releases covers I really liked.


2019 Releases I’ve Read

ttt 222 1.png

2019 Releases I Own but Haven’t Read

ttt 222 2.png

21 thoughts on “My Favorite Covers of 2019 Releases // #toptentuesday 222

  1. Great list! I love the cover of Gods of Jade and Shadow, that colour combination is so satisfying, and A Pinch of Magic if beautiful, too. The Candle and the Flame is one of the prettiest covers of last year, I really want to read that one, and I want to get to The Wise and the Wicked and The Modern Faerie Tales as well.

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  2. I feel like it should come as absolutely no surprise that I love these covers, too. xD Especially Firestarter, which is so much prettier in person (and also when beside the other two … it’s a very nice-looking series of covers). Bone Ships is obviously going to be a yes because DRAGON. And I absolutely just LOVE the cover for The Candle and the Flame. It’s just so striking.

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  3. Iedere keer dat ik Crown of feathers ergens zie langskomen moet ik meteen aan Fawkes denken. Van Heks en Jager heb ik ondertussen een recensie-exemplaar ontvangen en ik ben benieuwd of dat iets voor me gaat zijn. Ik denk trouwens dat Silver in the woods mijn favoriet blijft qua cover.

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