Turtle Recall Reading Guide / Discworld Reading Order

As I am doing the Turtle Recall Reading Challenge, a Discworld one, I decided that investing in some more posts about Discworld would be a good idea. Which is where the Turtle Recall Reading Guide comes in. Especially for those that will be joining the Discworld journey for the very first time it can be quite daunting.

There are a lot of reading guides to find online, mostly in graphics. But if you are unfamilar with Discworld I still think they are rather confusing. So for this I decided to share with you a few ways you can read Discworld and in the next installment of this guide I will share how you can go about picking which ones to go for first.


Publication Order


This one is fairly easy. You follow the series as the books were released. Now of course I could have just send you to the goodreads series list which I am doing here. But I thought having a visual like this also shows great what the publication order is. Also, you can use this to mark of and see what you have read of the whole series already.

Story ARCS


Another way to read Discworld is by picking out one of the story arcs and read the books in that order. You can pick Death or The Witches. Whatever tickles your fancy. There is no real order between the story arcs but there are those that recommend some over the others. I’ll come back to those in the next reading guide.


Another way to go about reading Discworld is completely at random. You can just pick up a book you find interesting and read it. While it is advised to read the story arcs in order, all of them wrap up in one book and it is usually details or a reference here and there, that get carried over from the other books. It is nice to read them in order but not nessecary perse. So if you just want to pick at random or see a book in the book store/library, you can totally go for it.

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11 thoughts on “Turtle Recall Reading Guide / Discworld Reading Order

  1. I actually think just picking a book at random is fine, in fact I sometimes think it is better to skip the first two Discworld novels but this is a personal thing. I always tell people I think the Tiffany Aching books and the Guards books are the best place to start but my all time favourite is Hogfather. Great idea to post a guide.

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  2. Story arcs for me!! 😀 Thanks for this! It’s much appreciated. I think I’ll print out the story arcs one so I can cross them off as I go. Thanks for doing this.

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  3. I will be doing my challenge post soon! 😁

    I wanted to re-read The Color of Magic and get the Rincewind arc finished, first. I looked and it has dragons in it which I thought I remembered, but wasn’t sure, so I will be squeezing it in this month! 🐉

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