Time to Crunch Some Numbers / Reading Statistics 2019

It is that time of year again where I look back at my jazzy stats of the previous year. 2019 is up for the counting and this will be the 5th time I am doing one of these which I find mighty interesting.


Previous Years

2015 // 2016  // 2017 // 2018

Onto the Charts of 2019

Ratings 2019

Rating wise I find this very interesting. I had a increase in 4 and 5 stars, and that tells me I am getting better again at picking the books that work for me. 3 Star books have dwindled quite a bit and I don’t have any 1 star books. Yeay for that.

Release Dates 2019

Yes hello release dates. I read a huge amount of 2019 releases which is interesting to be honest. I read somewhat less backlist books as I exclude 2018 which is something I’d like to remedy in 2020. As much as I love new releases too, I have so many backlist books on my tbr that deserve some love.

Format 2019No audiobooks for me this year. For me they just don’t work I guess so I am so very hesitant to put one on. Ebooks rose up again, and they weren’t just e-arcs. I did read less library books because I just read so many more books from my shelves this year. So yeay for that. Except I still bought way too many lol. So I made no dent.

Authors 2019

I am quite pleased with this number to be honest. I already briefly touched upon this when I talked about it inshelf stats in September I believe. I read a lot more female authors and a lot less male authors. The only thing I’d like to see increase are the non-binary authors.

Target Group 2019

My adult reading this year has risen quite above my young adult reading. I’ve had a shift in interest in that regard and I am more likely to pick up an adult book at the moment. Not that I am going to stop reading young adult. I still read plenty of those. But I guess I am getting a little more picky in this target group. Which is fine.

Misc. 2019

I reread a little less this year and I think I also read less standalone books. But I did have an increase in novella reading which I think is great. Novella’s, short stories and the like are still great writing in itself.

Diversity 2019

I had a better diversity reading year than last year I want to say. There have been more books with poc & LGBTQ+ main characters for sure. Especially in LGBTQ+ books I picked up more f/f. Mental health and dissability still fall a little behind in that so I am hoping 2020 will be a better year for these.

Page Sections 2019

Like last year I read mostly books between the 301 and 400 pages. They just read so quickly. I did double the books I read between 501-800 pages which is a good sign for my own reading challenge this year haha. I did read less books between 0-300 pages which is interesting I think.

Format Hauled Books 2019

Last year I hauled more hardcovers than ebooks but this year ebooks came out on top. I mean I was pretty lucky to get so many review e copies as I did last year. Paperback kind of stayed around the same amount percentage wise.


acquired hauled books 2019

As for how I got them. This year I bought more of the books myself percentage wise. I got gifted less books but got a few more review copies. I also won 5 books. How about that. The unnamed segment is freebies by the way. Free ebooks I got this year. Also 5.

AND just to share. I started 2019 with 243 physical unread books and ended it with 250. Not less like I’d like. However, it is still better than it went other years so yeay for silver linings?

Do you like to look at your own reading statistics? Is there anything in my stats that stands out to you?

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21 thoughts on “Time to Crunch Some Numbers / Reading Statistics 2019

  1. Ik vind het altijd zo fijn om deze te zien verschijnen. Zelf wil ik hem ook nog uitwerken maar ik heb er tot nu toe nog niet de fut voor gevonden om alles uit te dokteren. Vooral omdat ik weet dat ik de bladzijde-aangeving bij Goodreads vaker niet dan wel kan vertrouwen en dus veel zal moeten nakijken. Maar binnenkort komt hij eraan hoor. Ik ben er immers veel te benieuwd naar om het niet uit te zoeken.

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  2. I always love your stats posts! I can’t wait to make one next year, since I’m actually keeping track this year. I’m surprised by how many four-star reads you have! I feel like I rate a lot of things three stars. That’s so interesting that you read way more females, too. Makes me curious about which way my reading habits sway. Hm.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is a great idea!
    I had come across this post of yours couple of days back, and just wanted to pop in and got myself a Spreadsheet for my very own Stats! Hopefully, I’ll have one by the next year!

    I’ll have to thank you for that!


  4. This post makes my statistics-loving heart swoon! I also saw an uptick in my ratings, it is nice to hone in on books we are more likely to enjoy. I also am hoping to focus a bit more on my backlist this year – January was pretty decent so I am off to a good start on that front!

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