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Dancing out of December 2019

Much earlier than you are used to of me but as this posts we are getting ready to leave to the German airport to board a plane to Spain. I won’t be able to do my usual end of the year wrap up for a bit and so I figured I’d wrap the month up as is already and do the rest in the year wrap up. If I even read at all during this vacation.

Reading Challenge

The Numbers

# Read 60 Books
Read this month: 13
Total: 151/60

  1. Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 1 by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto / 4 stars / Manga / Reread
  2. Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 2 by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto / 4 stars / Manga
  3. Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 3 by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto / 4 stars / Manga
  4. Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 4 by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto / 4 stars / Manga
  5. Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 5 by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto / 4 stars / Manga
  6. Thorn by Intisar Khanani / 4 stars / ARC
    – A Witch’s Guide to Escape by Alix E. Harrow / 4 stars / Short Story
  7. The Dying Realm (Spellcaster Academy 5) by Jenetta Penner / 4 stars / ARC / Novella
  8. Aquicorn Cove by Katie O’Neill / 4 stars / Graphic Novel
  9. Hellstrom’s Hive by Frank Herbert / 3 stars
  10. Autofac by Philip K. Dick / 4 stars / Short Story
  11. The City of Brass (Daevabad 1) by S.A. Chakraborty / 4 stars
  12. The Dispossessed (The Hainish Cycle 8) by Ursula K. Le Guinn / 3 stars
  13. Caliban’s War (The Expanse 2) by James S.A. Corey / 4 stars



So in the new year I am going to start C.W.’s #StartOnYourShelfathon and one of the things that goes along with it is to plan out what books you’d like to read for it each month. So in my wrap ups next year you will be seeing this little addition to my wrap ups where I talk about what counted towards this reading challenge, how my star map is faring and what I will be reading the next month. It kind of will come in the place of my section what to expect next month as I can add in any personal things in the how was I section. (And this wrap up is big enough as it is, lol).

January Possible TBR: The Dragon Republic / The Tyrant’s Tomb / Tristan Strong

Reading Challenge(2)

⌘ December started off swell with Merijn catching a stomach flu and missing the Sinterklaas celebration at pre-school. Then I caught the stomach flu, husband and back to me. After that I started coughing so bad that I didn’t properly sleep for a few nights and managed to pull a muscle in my neck so we’re back to neckpain now. To say I am kind of over my body is an understatement.

⌘ Mostly everything is so exhausting with arranging things for Merijn. And getting people to understand how things work for him. Or rathering willing to accept. But at least he is doing pretty well at pre-school and he is getting better at talking.

⌘ On the up I signed up for a volunteering pilot trajectory at the library that is nation wide. I will be doing a 5 meeting course with a small group of parents about helping them to motivate their kids to read and to help them help their kids do homework. It is a little more than just that but there is also only so much known about it because it is a pilot. I’ll get training 3 mornings in january/february before the course actually starts and there is a lot of room for me to fill things in on my own.

⌘ As this posts we are getting read to leave for Spain and please keep me in your thoughts because this the first time flying for Merijn and our first time in 10 years.


Reading Challenge(3)

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Shadow Pack (Spellcaster Academy 4) by Jenetta Penner / ARC
Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh
Aquicorn Cove by Katie O’Neill
The Dying Realm (Spellcaster Academy 5) by Jenetta Penner / ARC

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Reading Challenge(4)
⌘ War of the Worlds (Canva) / Season 1 / Ep 4

⌘ Die Häschenschule: Jagd nach dem goldenen Ei / Movie
I watched the Dutch Edition of this with Merijn. It was cute and held his attention really well.

⌘ Rewatches: The Croods / Ice Age / Wreck-it-Ralph

Reading Challenge(6)


⌘ Imyril from One More filled in my SF TV Shows Book Tag. She also interviewed Peter F. Hamilton.
⌘ Tammy from Books, Bones and Buffy shares her favorite sci-fi reads of the year. She also shares a list of favorite books with dogs.
⌘ Anushka from Living in the Pages talks about problematic books and movies.
⌘ Kal from Reader Voracious created a book blogger / reader spreadsheet for 2020.
⌘ Iona from A Dragon of Words offered a look at her book shelves.
⌘ Ely from Of Wonderland filled in my scooby-doo where are you tag.
⌘ Fantasy Book Critic interviewed M.L. Wang.

Dutch Blogs

⌘ Emmy from Zon en Maan shares what it takes to run your own webshop.


Reading Challenge(8)

This monthly wrap up will be linked up with the monthly one by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction. This so we can blog hop to each others wrap ups easier.

10 thoughts on “Dancing out of December 2019

  1. Thank you for the shout out! And good luck with your trip to Spain. It’s funny because my daughter is flying back to the states from Valencia Spain tomorrow! I haven’t seen her in 4 months and I’m SO excited😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am so excited about your library gig! 🙌🙌🙌

    Being sick during the holidays is a drag. Before a couple of years ago it would have been a deep downer for me, but I embraced my circumstances this year and embraced the simpicity, like the tree with no ornaments (it honestly is very pretty with only lights and a star) and Sebastian’s take on Christmas dinner, which was actually more like regular everyday dinner, but I didn’t have to make it and he didn’t totally wreck the kitchen, so win/win! 😄

    I am thinking of you on your trip! Good luck! Keep us updated on Facebook and IG. Please take lot of photos. I will be living your holiday adventure vicariously. ✈

    Here’s to a bright shiny New Year. 🌟✨

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Het voordeel van een blogfeed-achterstand is dat ik al weet dat jullie terug goed thuis zijn geraakt na jullie vakantie. Heb je er uiteindelijk nog iets kunnen lezen? Want daar hebben we het volgens mij niet over gehad toen jullie nog daar waren. Het vrijwilligerswerk dat je in de bibliotheek gaat doen klinkt interessant. Ouders helpen om hun kinderen aan het lezen te krijgen lijkt me ook echt iets waar je heel gemotiveerd voor gaat zijn. Ik hoop dat het je heel veel voldoening kan schenken wanneer je in dat opzet slaagt en een nieuwe generatie booknerds ziet ontstaan.

    Liked by 1 person

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