Did I Read Those Books I Predicted to be 5 Stars?

So way back in February of 2018 I shared with you five books of my tbr that I thought would be 5 star reads for me. The 5 star predictions were particulary popular at the time and I jumped on board.

Lately I’ve been looking at my goals. I have a goal of 15 books from my tbr that I wanted to read in 2019. Those always go a bit meh to be honest. And I’ve decided to scrap those as a possible goal for 2020. Instead I’d like to list five 5 star predicted reads for 2020 in my goals.

However for that to work I want to look back and see if I read those first 5 star predictions so I can list some new ones.

Ontwerp zonder titel(3)Ontwerp zonder titel(3)The Name of the Wind

I still haven’t read this book. Its not that I don’t want to read this but I’ve decided I want to wait until we are a 100% of the release date of the 3rd book. Its been a while since the second one came out, and there is no indication it will be released soon. I think I will end up binging this series so I’d rather wait for the release of the third one.

Ontwerp zonder titel(2)Ontwerp zonder titel(3)The City of Brass

I finally read this just last week and I am very glad I did. I might not have rated this book 5 stars but I did really enjoy reading this book and I can’t honestly wait to see where this will be taken to in the next book.

Ontwerp zonder titel(3)Ontwerp zonder titel(3)The Way of Kings

I am on the fence with this one because I’ve heard some not so nice things about Brandon Sanderson as a person lately and it has kind of put me off reading him for now. I do however own the books so I will give it a shot at some point, just not now.

Ontwerp zonder titel(2)Ontwerp zonder titel(2)The Empty Grave

Rating: Green-FullGreen-FullGreen-FullGreen-FullNo-Star
I ended up reading this one not too long after posting the tbr and I loved it as I have loved pretty much all of the Lockwood & Co. installments. You can read my review here.

Ontwerp zonder titel(2)Ontwerp zonder titel(3) The Three-Body Problem

I read this during Sci-Fi Month 2019 and was glad I finally did. I’d been pushing forward and forward because I was scared of the science in this, and yes it was a bit over my head, but as a whole I did enjoy the book. You can read my review here.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel

Looking at this list it is kind of sad. I mean I only read 3 out of 5 and only one of those turned out to be an actual 5 star read. Though it is Jonathan Stroud so it should not really be a surprise. Hopefully I will have better luck with a new 5 star list.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel(1)

13 thoughts on “Did I Read Those Books I Predicted to be 5 Stars?

  1. I had a “Top of the TBR” list at the beginning of the year and I don’t even remember what was on it. 😅 It will be fun to look at it and see what I didn’t end up reading. 😛

    Did you have fun looking back to see the books you had listed? 📚

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  2. Dat het er een eentje van Stroud is maakt ongetwijfeld veel goed. Ik ben al een hele tijd aan het overwegen om een post uit te werken rond boeken die volgens andere Wow waren en volgens mij niet meer dan Bwa. Omgekeerd lijkt me trouwens ook interessant maar ik moet er dus eens tijd én energie voor vinden en dat is de laatste tijd vrijwel een even grote uitdaging als het laten zakken van mijn tbr.

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