The Dying Realm / Spellcaster Academy Ep 5 // Book Review

the dying realm

Thank you to Jenetta Penner for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in anyway.

 Book: The Dying Realm (Spellcaster Academy 5) by Jenetta Penner
Release Date: November 30th 2019
Tags: Fantasy / Magical School / Young Adult / Shapeshifters / War / Friendship
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Reading Challenge(10)

The Darkness is closing in and to defeat it Josy will have to make dangerous allies that could cost her everything…

Reading Challenge(11)

We are already hitting episode 5 of this episode style series and this one finally moves us quite a bit forward.

Josy and her friends are back at the academy after winter break. Josy has to work with Rosalee on her spell book when Rosalee mentions that her parents have a secret library with morelli books. Of course this triggers a need in Josy, and with the help of her boyfriend and Rosalee they go and retrieve the books. However in their time away the darkness finally attacks and leaves our friends in a bit of a pinch.

In comparison to the last 2 episodes this one has a lot happen (of consequence) again in a short amount of time which is a good thing. In these episode style books every episode has to grab a hold of us. This one certainly did. The darkness finally has made its move and the sworn enemies finally have to admit that they all can’t do it on their own. But it is a very tense peace and I for one can’t wait to see how that will work out in future episodes.

One thing that does continue bothering me is how Josy is constantly put as the savior, the center,  by those adults around her. I know that this is young adult but come on. So many adults and nobody has a brain?  Josy just wants to find out who she is and that ties in with everything so I kind of understand why she keeps getting in this mess from her point of view.

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