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#ArmedWithaBingo Sign-Up / 2020 Reading Challenge

December is always a mine field for me on twitter. People retweet reading challenge after reading challenge for the new year, and everything always sounds so good. I am a sucker for fun reading challenges.

So of course I stumbled on #ArmedWithaBingo for 2020. This reading challenge is hosted by Ariel and Kriti and you can read more about it here. Basically it is a bingo card where you see where you can get a bingo and the ultimate goal is to fill it all up.

Annemieke's Bingo Board.png

Looking at it I would say a non-fiction book, a memoir, book with food in the title might be the hardest for me to do within my normal reading. I think I will be able to easily fill in the others within my normal reading.

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10 thoughts on “#ArmedWithaBingo Sign-Up / 2020 Reading Challenge

  1. This sounds great. Wishing you good luck. I think I will only be tackling your Pratchett challenge because reading classics related books for the rest of my 2020 reading will make most reading challenges impossible for me. 📚✨

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  2. Wat jij met Twitter hebt heb ik met jouw blog. Ik neem me steeds voor om mezelf geen druk op te leggen in de vorm van reading challenges en dan kom ik hier lezen en zie ik de ene na de andere waarvan ik denk ‘Oh, die ziet er eigenlijk wel tof uit!’. 🙂

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