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Collecting All the Stars // #startonyourshelfathon Sign Up / 2020 Reading Challenge

You might have noticed that I have a lot of books on my own shelves that are still unread. Previous years I have done read your own book challenges but I stepped back from those for a while. However CW from The Quiet Pond has created a new reading challenge that has started already. I won’t be officially starting until 2020 because I like things in a neat little bow.

Collecting stars on a star map. You know I can’t resist that. Read more about the challenge here.

All the art in the graphics in this post are created by CW from The Quiet Pond and are offered up for use only for this reading challenge.

startonyourshelfathon banner


The basics of the reading challenge is that you collect stars for every book you finish for your star map and you can collect different colored stars for challenges you complete. These challenges are challenges you put down for yourself. Which is kind of hard because I have no idea what 2020 is going to bring. I have a  lot of things going on. New volunteering, Merijn and my depression. So I decided to jot down a few different challenges for myself and see where I end up. That way I have a chance to complete some challenges regardless.

  • Read 20 books from my own shelves
  • Read 40 books from my own shelves
  • Read 50 books from my own shelves
  • Finish a star map

I think these are decent challenges for now.

Monthly TBR’s

tqp castor1

I will be carving out a spot in my monthly reading wrap up for this reading challenge. One of the things that go along with this challenge is that you create a monthly tbr post for it. I will be doing that in my wrap up.

Are you considering joining?

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8 thoughts on “Collecting All the Stars // #startonyourshelfathon Sign Up / 2020 Reading Challenge

  1. Eentje voor de omvangrijke boeken en eentje voor al je ongelezen boeken. Met al die goed uitgekozen challenges gaat je TBR zeker wat dalen. Ik heb voorlopig nog geen challenges op de planning staan. Goodreads heb ik ingesteld op 100 boeken en verder ga ik gewoon zoveel mogelijk boeken van mijn TBR proberen lezen. Aan een nieuwe O.W.L.S of N.E.W.T.s Readathon zou ik waarschijnlijk wel opnieuw willen meedoen want die vond ik vorig jaar heel tof. Maar verder wil ik mezelf niet teveel druk opleggen.

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