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2020 TBR’s // Turtle Recall & Go Big or Go Home Reading Challenges

As you might have seen I am hosting two reading challenges for 2020. Instead of creating two seperate posts for my goals for it I decided on combining it. So much to post, so little room. You can click on the headers to take you to all the info on the reading challenges themselves. But for a summary, Turtle Recall is a low key Discworld Reading Challenge to read the Discworld books. Go Big or Go Home is where you read the big tomes.

turtle recall white

level 1(1)I am going to go for level 3 of this reading challenge which is 11-15 books. I still want to read other books next to this challenge. But if I end up reading more books than that is great too.

Some of the Discworld books I currently own that are unread are: Sourcery / Wyrd Sisters / Guards! Guards! / Witches Abroad / Lords & Ladies / Maskerade / Carpe Jugulum / The Truth / The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents / Going Postal / Making Money / Unseen Academicals / Snuff / Raising Steam / Turtle Recall (Companion)

I want to finish The Witches arc for sure. I might even reread Equal Rites in preperation.

go big or go home 2020

go big or go home bingo card 2020(1)  This one stems from all those big ass books on my tbr which probably surprises no one. I just like to skid around them on occasion.  So for my own challenge I am going for 12 books. That is one a month and should be pretty reachable.

I made a bingo card for the challenge, for those that like to work towards something. I don’t know where I am going to quite fit in some books but we’ll see throughout the year.

Some of the bigger books on my TBR are: The Sovereign Stone Trilogy / The Snow Queen and Other Winter Tales / The Sworn / The Way of Kings / The Name of the Wind / The Waking Fire / The Last Magician / Revocatie / The Shadow of What Was Lost / Dragon Keeper / The Black Prism / A Crown for Cold Silver / The Emperor’s Blades / Echo / 4 Seasons and more…

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel(1)

15 thoughts on “2020 TBR’s // Turtle Recall & Go Big or Go Home Reading Challenges

  1. I love the Go Big or Go Home challenge. I’m always scared off by big books because I could read two regular sized books in the time it takes to read one. But I may do this, it would definitely be a challenge for me!

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