Shadow Pack / Spellcaster Academy Episode 4 // Book Review

shadow pack

Thank you to Jenetta Penner for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in anyway.

 Book: Shadow Pack (Spellcaster Academy 4) by Jenetta Penner
Release Date: October 30th 2019
Tags: Fantasy / Novella / Young Adult / Magical Academy / Shapeshifters
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Reading Challenge(10)

 During the winter vacation Aspen takes Josy away to his own family. Josy now knows his secret, and his families. But will his family be able to accept hers?

Reading Challenge(11)

Shadow Pack is already the 4th installment to the Spellcaster Academy episode style books. This time it is the winter holidays and Josy is going to get to meet Aspen’s family.

I enjoyed that we got to meet Aspen’s family and to see where he is from. He shared his secret with Josy and that he has bonded with her. It deepens him out as a character and gave him so much more background. His relationships with his family and the dynamic were interesting to see. Some interaction with the neighborhood would have been welcome to.

My biggest beef with this installment is that I wish that this could have remained the focus of this episode. Instead we get a side step with Josy and her uncle where I wished we could have gotten more room to explore her relationship with her uncle and his reasons. Instead it feels half done. I just think these both things deserve the separate attention instead of both things being shoved into 80 pages.

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