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2019 Releases I Should Have Gotten to Already / #toptentuesday 215

Today is actually the prompt of holiday reads for top ten tuesday (as always hosted by that artsy reader girl) but I don’t really do holiday reads. I can’t recall ever having read a christmassy book or anything. Or I have and I just don’t remember it #oops Instead I am going to talk about 2019 releases.

Looking back at the year so far I have to say that I have read quite a bit of 2019 releases already. I wouldn’t say that I am on top of it all because how is that even possible with all that is coming out. But I am doing decently without forgetting my backlist.

Even so there are still plenty of 2019 releases I wish I had gotten to already…

2019 Release I Own but Haven’t Read Yet

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelTristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky (Tristan Strong 1) by Kwame Mbalia
Released: October 2019
I don’t know how I haven’t read this one yet but it is on the top of my December tbr.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelThe Tyrant’s Tomb (The Trials of Apollo 4) by Rick Riordan
Released: September 2019
Another one of these, normally I read them right away but with all the arcs I had in October and November being sci-fi month I fell behind on this one.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelThe Dragon Republic (The Poppy War 2) by R.F. Kuang
Released: August 2019
This one’s spine keeps flirting to me but I am also secretly scared that I am going to be devastated by this book…

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel Wicked Fox (Gumiho 1) by Kat Cho
Released: June 2019
I’ve heard some mixed things about this but I am still really curious about it. It just hasn’t risen to the top of my tbr quite yet.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelSpin the Dawn (The Blood of Stars 1) by Elizabeth Lim
Released: July 2019
Having tailor like magic sounds epic to be honest but the whole project runway line in the synopsis puts me of a little.

2019 Releases I Need to Buy and Read

ttt 215.png

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel Holy Sister (Book of the Ancestor 3) by Mark Lawrence
Released: April 2019
I read book 1 and 2 this year and really enjoyed them. So getting the 3rd book would make sense. But the matching pb hasn’t quite come out yet. Gr.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel Rebel (Legend 4) by Marie Lu
Released: October 2019
I really enjoyed the Legend trilogy when it originally published but I am having a hard time getting myself quite warm for this one. I’ve not heard a lot about it either.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel Gideon the Ninth (The Locked Tomb 1) by Tamsyn Muir
Released: September 2019
Everything about this sounds epic so why do I not have it yet? (edit: I did make this list before the twitter controversy about her writing fan fiction of peadohpilia and still being proud of it now)

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelBeyond the Black Door by A.M. Strickland
Released: October 2019
This has an ace main character. As a recently discovered gray ace I need to read more books with ace characters ❤

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel Crier’s War (Crier’s War 1) by Nina Varela
Released: October 2019
Have you seen that cover? And it is slowburn f/f. ❤


28 thoughts on “2019 Releases I Should Have Gotten to Already / #toptentuesday 215

  1. There are a ton of 2019 releases I wish I would have gotten to this year to. I would say there’s always next year, but 2020 has a TON of amazing books coming. I hope you get a couple of these knocked off your list this month.

    Here are some holiday reads I would like to read: My Top Ten Tuesday.

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  2. I don’t even want to think about all the books I didn’t get to. Good luck with your reading, but there’s always next year! 😉

    My holiday TTT

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  3. I really enjoyed Spin the Dawn! If the Project Runway part is putting you off, I can tell you that, while you’ll definitely feel the comparison while it’s there, it only exists for the first third of the book; the rest of the story is completely removed from the competition, in that the heroine is on a quest to secure three magical items and must pass certain magical tests or traps to obtain them.

    I’m making my own “Books I Should Have Read in 2019” list soon, it’s fun to see other people’s lists!

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  4. I hope you love these when you get to them! I feel like I have so many I need to get to, still, too, and some of them are the same as you! I will say that The Dragon Republic was brilliant, though, so I am excited to see your thoughts when you get to it!

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    1. I really need to read The Dragon Republic soon (which will probably be january) because it has been winking at me since I bought it (at release). I just couldn’t fit it in


  5. Ik heb dat dus ook hé met seizoensboeken en boeken rond bepaalde feestdagen. Met Halloween ben ik dit jaar speciaal voor het eerst specifieke boeken gaan zoeken in de bib waarvan ik vond dat ze er wel bij pasten. (Lockwood & Co!) Maar met kerst heb ik dat eigenlijk nog nooit gedaan. Er staat echter nog een ongelezen Jill Shalvis-boek in de kast met de titel Under the mistletoe dus misschien moet ik dat deze maand toch maar eens lezen. Kerstfilms lukt meestal ook niet. Nog iets waar ik misschien verandering in moet brengen vermits ik The Grinch nog steeds niet heb gezien.

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