Zero Gravity / Sci-Fi Playlist / #scifimonth

While not for everyone, music can be so great to inspire love for a certain genre or be a great background noise as you read. With that in mind I made a sci-fi playlist for you all to enjoy. Click on the graphic to go to the playlist on youtube. And below you can see bits of lyrics from the songs that made me choose them.

Zero Gravity



Drifting away
Wave after wave, wave after wave
I’m slowly drifting (drifting away)
And it feels like I’m drowning
Pulling against the stream

zero gravity header.png

Zero Gravity

Cause you are the tin man
I cannot hear you
Where did you go?
You, you slowly vanish
I cannot feel you
Where did you go?

zero gravity header.png

Lost in Space

It split like a cell
And man cannot tell
The lie from parallel

zero gravity header.png

Hurts 2B Human

Like we’re buckled and preparing before the crash
Like we’re walking down a road of broken glass
Now if we defeat all odds
And it was us against the world
You can count on me
You know I’d have your back

zero gravity header.png


And go skyward
Aim higher
When you’ve had enough
You should rise above

zero gravity header.png

The Great Beyond

In all this talk of time, talk is fine
But I don’t want to stay around

zero gravity header.png

Space Shot

The world is crazy, who can deny

zero gravity header.png

All About That Space

And my ship goes zoom zoom into the deep space
Boldly searching for new life and new races

I see your laser beams workin, that zap and zop!

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15 thoughts on “Zero Gravity / Sci-Fi Playlist / #scifimonth

  1. This is great! I love making playlists for what I’m writing to get me in the mood. Veritable soundtracks for the stories. I also made a mean grocery shopping playlist entitled “Songs to Chop Paul Allen Up To; A Grocery Shopping Playlist” Here are a few if you are looking for fun new Spotify lists.

    Grocery Shopping

    For my last book

    And for the book I’m currently writing


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  2. Wat een leuk idee om er een playlist voor samen te stellen. Vroeger luisterde ik vaak en heel bewust naar muziek maar de laatste jaren steeds minder. Ik neem me ook telkens voor om Harry Potter te herlezen met de soundtrack op de achtergrond en ik ben heb net weer vergeten toen ik the Goblet of Fire herlas.

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  3. I love this idea! After all, music is really just poetry put to music, besides which, it’s obviously writing. 😉 I think lyrics can definitely be beautiful and captivating, and you’ve got an interesting mix here. I enjoyed reading them, even though I don’t know the songs except one (which actually is all the better, because there’s no bias coming in and i can just read them for what they are).

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