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Best of the Bunch // October 2019

This October I read thirteen books of which two were 5 star reads. I was feeling a little lackluster and to be honest, I felt like that about most of the books I read. Don’t get me wrong, they were all fine for the most part but very few could excite me.

Best of the Bunch is a monthly meme created by Jessica at a Coccoon of Books.

Favorites of the Month

best of the bunch october 2019

No Review / The Poison Song / No Review

Best of the Bunch


Jump on board a war beast or two with Vintage, Noon and Tor and return to Sarn for the last installment of this epic series where the trio must gather their forces and make a final stand against the invading Jure’lia.


If I haven’t yet convinced you to pick up some books by Jen Williams then hopefully you will do this now. Because the conclusion to the Winnowing Flame was yet again such a great and heart wrenching installment. And even though there were some things I expected it still hurt so much. Jen Williams knows how to write character driven books, my favorite kind, and you will understand that she is now a favorite author.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel(1)

6 thoughts on “Best of the Bunch // October 2019

    1. Yeah it is odd. I do think it has to do with rights again. Maybe only the first two were published by the us publisher. The dutch publisher also only translated the first two but never the third.

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