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#RRSCIFImonth 2019 // Participation Intent

The hour is drawing near. A few  more nights to November. A few more nights to pledge your alliance to team #RRSciFiMonth (I jest, you can join us anytime).

For me this will be the second year. I do quite need this Sci-Fi Month to kick my butt into gear because Sci-Fi often loses to Fantasy as my own reading challenge showed. I’m still working on that and need to read quite a bit of sci-fi to still finish it all.

Below I’ll be sharing with you my Sci-Fi TBR for this month AND what I am planning on posting this month.


Failure to Communicate /  The Three-Body Problem / Perido Street Station / The Long Earth / The Expanse

I have more sci-fi on my shelves but I don’t know if I will get around to them this month.


There are likely to be more reviews coming as I read sci-fi books but these are the ones planned in ahead of time.

To Be Taught If Fortunate by Becky Chambers
Short Stacks / H.G. Wells Edition
Proto Sci-Fi: From the Earth to the Moon

Top Ten Tuesday
Sci-Fi Recs Since Last Year’s Sci-Fi Month
Time Travel & Dimension Hopping Stories 

Sci-Fi TV Shows Book Tag

Topics, Discussion and Other
Sci-Fi Play list
Sci-Fi A to Z
Is Sci-Fi Only Escapist Fiction?

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15 thoughts on “#RRSCIFImonth 2019 // Participation Intent

  1. I’m very excited for Sci Fi Month! My intro post probably won’t go up until next weekend, and honestly I still need time to plan my month. Looks like you have some really good books planned😁

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  2. I don’t know if I’ll officially join up. I think I’ll leave it only as my blog theme for the month, but I might change my mind… you never know, ha ha. 😁

    I found Three Body on Hoopla; and I have to check, but I think Blackfish City (which I own) is SciFi. I think I am also going to finally pick up Red Rising.🚀

    The SciFi tv shows tag sound fun. 👍✨

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  3. Welcome back! I’m horribly under prepared and very over excited, what can possibly go wrong? (I do love a good SF disaster) but if nothing else, I will try to close out my Alien Dance Card this month – I’m so close now 🙂

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