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Short Stacks #4 // A.M. Dellamonica Edition

This months short stacks focuses on A.M. Dellamonica. If you didn’t know, A.M. Dellamonica is the author of Indigo Springs, a novel I picked up on whim a few years ago and really ended up loving. They are married to fellow Aurora winner Kelly Robson in Canada in 2003.

They have written over 40 short stories in various magazines and anthologies, and their latest full novel series is called The Hidden Sea Tales. Since they have written so many stories I decided to focus on a few that I hadn’t read yet. The ones below are ones you can find for free on the internet (by the author themselves). Just use the links I have provided.

I hope by giving you all this opportunity to discover their short stories you will find a new author to love.

short stacks info

Pages counts are calculated based on aprox. 250 words a page. Especially that last one cut off at 180 pages is iffy at best. Some novella’s are over 200 pages. But this is just meant as a guideline. 

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Title: The Color of Paradox
Release Date: 2014
Type: Novellette
You Can Read It Here.

In the past I’ve read other novella’s by this author and I feel it really shows that this is an older one because there was nothing of the true diverse and inner voice that I have come to think of with this author. It was very straight forward and nothing that was really stand out about the characters or the story in itself. Still its a quick read. I just wouldn’t recommend it to anyone to start of reading this author with this story.

Title: The Cage
Release Date: 2010
Type: Novellette
You Can Read It Here.

I honestly thought it was very cute. It is a paranormal adult story in a world where we have discovered that lycanthropes are real and that isn’t going down without a hitch. There are hunters and court cases. And in the midst of that two people seem to find each other. The little one was super cute.

Title: The Sweet Spot
Release Date: 2012
Type: Novellette
You Can Read It Here

A part to The Proxy War stories, one that had quite an interesting ending. World building wise it lacked a bit of background for me. It is set in our world and there is a war where these squid aliens became our allies but the pictures isn’t quite so clear. What is clear is that the war has had its effect on families and every day life of course. That these squid aliens have been here a long time as our mc’s brother is 15-16 and half squid. It is an interesting idea, worth it to give a chance.

Title: Five Good Things About Megan Sheedy
Release Date: 2008
Type: Short Story
You Can Read it Here

Another Proxy War story, written before The Sweet Spot that I read earlier. Here there is a better explanation of the war which puts The Sweet Spot more in perspective. It’s about what to do when you are in a bind. Will you help out the enemy if it means you will end up surviving?

Title: The Town on Blighted Sea
Release Date: 2006
Type: Novellette
You Can Read it Here

This Proxy War story is set after The Proxy War, where the good guys have lost and the survivors are on the Squid’s planet, in a city build just for them. It’s not all peaches there though. Some Squids abuse humans with their tentacles. It is their kink. This one didn’t quite drew me in as the other two. Our mc was very jaded but we got so little background on her that it was jarring.

Title: The Spear Carrier
Release Date: 2018
Type: Novellette
You Can Read It Here

I wasn’t expecting it when is started this story as our mc is a bit resentful but by the end of it I loved it. We learn a little of a culture on a different planet, but mostly it is about the interaction between two humans who have to learn to work together and in the process start a friendship. Especially the ending was precious.

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