A (Small) List of Trigger Warnings You Can Use

Trigger warnings in books is a much talked topic in the bookish world and most often on Twitter. I personally find trigger warnings very important. But many others have already said everything about it that I have wanted to so below I will link you to their posts so you can check those out to make up your own mind.

The Cursed Books / Brittany the Book Guru / Word Wonders / Wonderfully Bookish / If you have written one let me know and I’ll link it here.

Something that I hear a lot is that people do want to use trigger warnings but they aren’t sure what are triggers or content warnings they can share. When I first started using trigger and content warnings I found this hard as well. Looking at reviews of those that use these warnings of books I’d read as well I’ve learned what fits there.

However I am always willing to help and so I have made a list of trigger and content warnings that can be used for those that find it tricky.

First things first however:

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelThis is by no means THE list or an extensive list. This list is just to help those starting out with the trigger warnings. I can assure you that once you get more comfortable with using them in your reviews that you will not need a list like these to help you out.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelWe are all very diverse and different people and what might not be a trigger for you, can still be one for someone else. Always consider that when you start writing down your warnings. We are listing these warnings to help others, not ourselves. Also poc might use different and more detailed trigger warnings for racial ones, which the same goes for any of these categories and the people who are affected by them. They know more on this. Remember that.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelWith all you can add / Mentioned / Suggested / On Page / Off the Page/ Implied / Threatening/ Talking of/  Attempted /  to make more clear if it is mild or big or in what way it is in the book.  I took most of those out of the trigger warnings below as it cluttered it up.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelIt is up to you on how detailed you want to make your trigger warnings. However never see them as spoilers. They are not.

Racial and Religious

Racism Racial Slurs Racial Profiling
Use of the Word Savage Slavery Talk of Superior Race
Police Brutality Microagressions Colorism
Prejudice Genocide Islamphobia
Antisemitism Witch Prosecution Concentration Camps


Acephobia Homophobia Biphobia
Transphobia Bi-Erasure Internalized Acephobia/Homophobia/
Transphobia etc
Triggering talk regarding pronouns Deathnaming Character Misgendering
Forced Outing of Character

Mental Health

Suicide Hanging (by suicide) Suicide Ideation
Self-Harm Cutting Scars
Trivializing Mental Illness Romanticized Mental Illness PTSD
Emotional Abuse Controlling Parents Panic Attacks
Drug Use Drug Addiction Alcholism
Alcohol/Drug Withdrawel Trauma Child Abandonnement
Eating Disorders Confrontation Rapist/Abuser Nightmares about Traumatic Events
Locking up MH Patient against their will


Curing of Speech-Impaired Character Curing of Disabilities Lifechanging injury
Ableism Ableistic language Detailed Medical Talk
Seizures Paralyzed

Sexual Content

Explicit Sex Scene Nudeness (Graphic Novel) Masturbation
Blowjob Sex with a Minor Pedophilia
Sexual Predator Sexual Abuse Incest
Human Traficking Sex Slaves

Violence and Death

Death Death of a Loved One Infant Death
Animal Death Graphic Deaths Mass Death
Murder Execution Burned at the Stake
Hangings (Not by suicide) Decapitation Suffocation
Burning People Extreme Violence Gore
Torture Mutilation Self-Mutilation
Mutilation of Corpses Cutting of Limbs Forced Blood Draining
Threatening baby/child Violence against Children Child Abuse
Physical Abuse Domestic Abuse Animal Cruelty
Escalating Violence Described Blood Graphic Violence


Slut Shaming Drugging Someone Against Their Will Miscarriage
Body Shaming Female Oppression Forced Marriage
Fat Phobia Underage Drinking Kidnapping
Hostage Situation

Other Great Resources Regarding Trigger Warnings

Lauren Hannah’s Book Trigger List / Of Wonderland’s Trigger Warning Master List / Content Warning Database / Again if you have one of these lists let me know and I will like you here.

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34 thoughts on “A (Small) List of Trigger Warnings You Can Use

  1. Ooh this is brill! 🙂 I wanted to expound on this myself on my Review Policy as it comes up every blue moon – thanks for giving us which terms to use and how best to describe the stories we don’t want to be reading!! Loads of gratitude!! Will link back once I add your words/phrases!

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  2. Thank you so much for this! I rarely pinpoint trigger warning moments when I’m reading and when I’m writing the book review always forget most of them. With this, although I will probably still forget some, it’s easier to go down the list and ask myself “did this book I just finished reading feature any of these themes?”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, thank-you for compiling this list and sharing links to more! I have recently started adding content warnings to my review, at least when something obviously stood out to me. Sometimes it’s been obvious what I should note but other times I wasn’t sure. This is a helpful starting point.

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  4. Thank you so much for this post! It’s very helpful for someone like me who just started implementing these warnings in their reviews.

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  5. Thank you so, so much for this. I’m creating a Content/Trigger Warnings page in my reading journal and this list has helped me so, so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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